39 thoughts on “Mom and Dad

          • It’s been really difficult to be quite honest. Or at least my boss is. I’ve never worked for someone so aggressive, so impatient, so condescending … oh Jess, don’t get me started. 🙁

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          • Quit Miri. Just quit. Something perfect is waiting for you. Don’t forget that your mum is sitting on your shoulder, whispering in your ear. YOU my lovely friend are meant to shine and sparkle up this world. Don’t let anyone put out your light. Not worth it, honey. We don’t “do” aggressive, impatient, or condescending. Life’s too short, sweetheart. Quit and sell your own books. Maybe start your own travel magazine?


    • I doubt that happened until 4 kids and two teenage daughters came along. Ha ha. He was too busy lugging beef at the packing house and had just gotten back from fulfilling a track scholarship at a college in Texas. Not the drinking type. I do know that they were in a really bad car wreck a few years before and that’s his concussion side. I need to ask mom if there was a reception. The churches were throwing fits about them getting married there, so they went to a different town and got married. Only a handful of people were with them. :)

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    • Yes ma’am! They didn’t want a big anniversary party. Instead, they want my siblings, our families, and them to go on an Alaskan cruise in July. BIG celebration.

      50 years is a huge goal. My husband and I are going on 18. My dad’s parents were married 73 years! My mom’s parents were married 54 when grandma passed away suddenly.

      There seems to be a long marriage legacy in the family. Pretty awesome.

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