39 thoughts on “Mom and Dad

    • I doubt that happened until 4 kids and two teenage daughters came along. Ha ha. He was too busy lugging beef at the packing house and had just gotten back from fulfilling a track scholarship at a college in Texas. Not the drinking type. I do know that they were in a really bad car wreck a few years before and that’s his concussion side. I need to ask mom if there was a reception. The churches were throwing fits about them getting married there, so they went to a different town and got married. Only a handful of people were with them. :)

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    • Yes ma’am! They didn’t want a big anniversary party. Instead, they want my siblings, our families, and them to go on an Alaskan cruise in July. BIG celebration.

      50 years is a huge goal. My husband and I are going on 18. My dad’s parents were married 73 years! My mom’s parents were married 54 when grandma passed away suddenly.

      There seems to be a long marriage legacy in the family. Pretty awesome.

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