Happy Easter

It’s almost midnight and the “basket” is ready. Little Bit will be so surprised when he sees what the bunny brought. 

May your Sunday be filled with light and laughter. I hope you have a Happy Easter! 

36 thoughts on “Happy Easter

        • Hey sister (cuz you’re like a sister) Sorry I’m so behind here. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. I’ve been trying to get this house sorted and cleaned. Carpet cleaning fellow is coming Thursday and painting begins this weekend. Pretty sure my head is on sideways. Ha.

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            • Ha ha. So you completely “get” this. The carpet cleaner came today and we are waiting for it to dry. 3 bedrooms and the living room are empty. Guess where all the stuff is???? You guessed it- the dining room, hall way, and my bathroom and closet. Dang, wish I didn’t have to put it all away. ha

              Thank you for the well wishes. I will be glad when the work is done, but sad when it is ready to sell. Makes total sense and no sense at the same time.

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              • It DOES make perfect sense! Sure you’ll be relieved when everything’s done and the house is ready to become someone else’s home… but at the same time the house was YOUR HOME for quite some time and there are so many memories…

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              • Yes, I love this home. Little Bit has grown up here. I can’t quite get my heart around the fact that someone else will LIVE here. Like, in my house. It was new when we bought it. So it’s only been ours. I think it will help when we get a place to go to.

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  1. Eggshausted after first Easter with the Littles, age 2 and 3, but lots of fun. Littlest only wanted the red and gold eggs, the silver ones were discarded! Adults also loved the raw chocolate nests, Littles the marzipan eggs. Hope you had a lovely weekend 🐣

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    • Ohhh, I bet that was so fun!! That’s funny about the silver eggs. Yum, the raw chocolate nests sound delicious! And marzipan eggs? I need to come to your house!! Ha!

      Thank you, we are having a great weekend. We camped out in our back yard last night for the first time ever. We had a camp fire and everything. Got rained out about 2:30 am!! But was very fun. Hope you have a fabulous week ahead!

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