Old Hinges and Irises

A few years ago when I volunteered up at the local school, there was a really sweet retired teacher that volunteered, too. 

Miss Lola Bell told me about an old school house that was near their property and that people were helping fix it up. 

Yesterday, Little Bit and I found that school house on our afternoon drive. I must say, they did a great job. It is quite charming. 

Standing on the sidewalk, I almost got a sense of what it would’ve been like carrying books and finding a seat inside. 

Can you just imagine desks jammed packed with eager students, math written up on the blackboard, and the teacher giving the lesson? 

We only stayed long enough to feel completely at home there, which only took about 30 seconds! 

Guess that’s just part of my old fashioned soul. I always seem to feel right where I belong, among old hinges and irises. 

40 thoughts on “Old Hinges and Irises

  1. A lovely story. I think things from the past are so interesting. Life back then was so different; less complicated; face to face socializing; when people seemed to help and care for each other. Thinking about the stories our parents told us – should make us slow down and cherish family and friends more. Love old building and irises – so thanks for the memories it brought to my mind. :)

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    • Ohhhhhh, I am so happy to hear this brought back memories for you. My mom always tells me I was born in the wrong generation– I was meant to live during my grandparents time, like you said, when things were less complicated and things were more face to face. I believe she’s right. The older generations suit me. Love what you said about the stories our parents told. Seems like sometimes it’s easy to just nod through the stories and just keep right on running, as this culture these days is just so fast paced. I am thankful for quiet moments with my family and drives with my boy that take us back to days gone by. Thank you for your lovely comments.

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    • Hi Mom. Thank you sooooooo much. You got me all teary. Next time you come, we’ll skip all the painting and go for some drives. It’s beautiful around here. Thank you for your wonderful words. Made my day.


    • It’s a community building now. I’d guess it’s for the neighbors around there and/or supporters of the renovation. There’s something just so inviting about irises. I love that you had them in your garden growing up and that you have some now. I also love peonies. There’s such a history in old fashioned flowers. Thank you for your wonderful comments.

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    • Hi. Thank you so much. Pretty sure I could’ve pitched a tent there it was so comfortable. Bet you really would love it there. A little brown dog even came to say hello.


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