Four Leaf Clovers 

For weeks now, I’ve been scouring the grass in our front yard hoping to spot a little luck in the form of green petals with tiny stems. 

In all of that time, can you believe I didn’t find even one single smidgen of good luck? 

Yesterday my husband was outside for like five minutes. He walked right over to the same exact place I have been looking and found not just one but four, four leaf clovers! 

42 thoughts on “Four Leaf Clovers 

  1. Boy does this sound familiar! I’ve never found a four-leaf clover, but my husband has found several…and usually with minimal searching. But I figure that, since we’re married, the luck is for both of us.

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  2. I do this same thing. Last year I found a lot of four leaf clover leaves, but this year I have been looking and no luck yet. Nice to see you enjoy doing this – just as I do. Does not take much to entertain us, does it? Ha

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