Last time I wrote, we were in a massive rain system and pretty much everything flooded.

Yesterday, Little Bit and I ventured over to our favorite spot at the creek to see if any of the tadpoles we’ve been watching were still there.

Ummm… they’re not.

In fact, lots of things are different:

  • The road is super bumpy and has holes in it.
  • Driftwood  stumps and sawed off trees have taken up residence.
  • The creek rocks are now so white, it almost looks like someone scrubbed them with a brush.
  • There’s a smell that wasn’t there before.

I found myself rather surprised that things had changed so much. Where were all the beautiful things we were so used to seeing?

We tried to make ourselves at home in this familiar, yet completely foreign place. We hung out and played for awhile.

Finally, I spotted 3 things that brought things back to center:

  1. The water was still reflecting the blue sky.
  2. Flowers were still blooming on the ridge, and this time the Multi Flora Rose was making her debut.
  3. A puddle that was once filled with tiny legless frog babies was now filled with somebody else’s eggs.

Are things sort of upside down there? Definitely.

Will we still go there every chance we get? Oh my goodness, yes! 

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