Last time I wrote, we were in a massive rain system and pretty much everything flooded.

Yesterday, Little Bit and I ventured over to our favorite spot at the creek to see if any of the tadpoles we’ve been watching were still there.

Ummm… they’re not.

In fact, lots of things are different:

  • The road is super bumpy and has holes in it.
  • Driftwood  stumps and sawed off trees have taken up residence.
  • The creek rocks are now so white, it almost looks like someone scrubbed them with a brush.
  • There’s a smell that wasn’t there before.

I found myself rather surprised that things had changed so much. Where were all the beautiful things we were so used to seeing?

We tried to make ourselves at home in this familiar, yet completely foreign place. We hung out and played for awhile.

Finally, I spotted 3 things that brought things back to center:

  1. The water was still reflecting the blue sky.
  2. Flowers were still blooming on the ridge, and this time the Multi Flora Rose was making her debut.
  3. A puddle that was once filled with tiny legless frog babies was now filled with somebody else’s eggs.

Are things sort of upside down there? Definitely.

Will we still go there every chance we get? Oh my goodness, yes! 

45 thoughts on “Yes

    • Hey there, sweet Faye. Love what you said. Seems like “storms’ come in a variety pack and present themselves in ways other than thunder and lightning. Love your idea of finding the positive in the storms. Sometimes that is tricky business, especially when we have our hearts and minds made up about the way we think things SHOULD be. Oh, I am so glad you love this and the pictures. I’ve been stuck in writer’s block for a week…

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          • I had been till a couple weeks ago. I may have to cut down to two for the summer months. It gets busy with outdoor stuff around here….lawn mowing, gardening, canning, field work etc. I am also so behind of reading the blogs I follow! (big sigh)
            I really cannot wait for my kids to get here :).

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            • Summer sounds busy. I love summer. When do you put your garden in? I hope to get my husband to till this weekend.

              I’m super behind reading blogs. Oops. 😊 It’s nice that your kids are coming. Will you see your mom for Mother’s Day?

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              • My potatoes got put in over Easter weekend and are starting to come up.
                Hopefully my grandkids might help me plant peas and beans this Saturday if it doesn’t rain and if my husband takes time to till the rest of the garden. Else next week sometime.
                My folks go to the same church as my husband and I do. (The one I have gone to my entire life!) so I will see them there…just not for Sunday dinner.
                What about you?

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              • Potatoes coming up already? Nice. Bet it’d be fun for the grandkids to help with the garden. I remember helping my grandma in her Iowa garden. You go to the same church your whole life? That’s so awesome! I would love to see my mom and dad at church!


  1. Glad you were able to find positive things on your trip, just as you have the memories of the past… You’re even more blessed because you have captured photos to recall past experiences there, happiness to you and Lil Bit!!! Opal

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    • Hey sweet girl, thank you oodles for commenting here! What a gift it is to see your name on my blog. Bless your heart!!

      What an excellent point, my friend. I was actually looking at the photos today of the differences and am so thankful that I took them all. Thank you for your happiness, we will take it. Love and big hugs to you, Opal.


    • That’s a great way to put it- mess sums it up well. Thank you for sharing that quote from Mr. Van Gogh, that is quite profound. If we love something, sometimes we have to dig for what’s beautiful about it, but it seems like it’s there, if we only look.


  2. Weather is powerful. Amazing what changes can happen in a short time. But, life adapts! I am glad your haven is still intact, if slightly changed. Enjoy it!

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    • It certainly is powerful. Love that you said that. It is crazy sometimes to see what happens to a place afterwards. We were at a town about 15 miles from here yesterday and they still have a detour a week later because there are 2 new “lakes’ on both sides of the road that used to be fields. On one side, water is still over the road a week later.

      Thank you. I love what you said about my haven still being intact. What a great point. Slightly changed is totally do-able. I mean, look at the new things it already brought.

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  3. I have been thinking about you with all the rain and flooding everywhere. I’m glad you and your family are o.k.
    When a major wind storm took down trees at one of our favorite lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park a few years ago, I felt much as you do about your beloved creek.
    The drastic changes were hard to take at first, but Mother Nature is slowly creating a
    new masterpiece.

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  4. Yes, when it floods and the water becomes a roaring mass of extra water – things certainly do change. Thanks for sharing your surprising walk by the creek.

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