Sitting on the Counter

Thanks to Faye’s comment on Mom’s birthday post, Mom got Grandma Irene’s antique green-handled rolling pin out of the cabinet and now she gets to enjoy it because it’s sitting on the counter. 

Photo credits: Mom ❤️

17 thoughts on “Sitting on the Counter

    • Well, hello, dear one. How are you doing? Is your grandson still there? I wasn’t expecting to hear from you for a while. Aren’t her bowls gorgeous? Every time we go there and I am in the kitchen making something, I stand there all excited to get to pick what bowl I want to use. Makes me wonder who ever invented cabinet doors… Ha.


  1. Beautiful post Jessica.
    Like everyone else … I love the display of dishes (and jugs).
    Me .. I collect jugs. But they have to be ones which have a special appeal to me. No one else can buy me one, because there is such a personal relationship between me and a jug. lol.

    I have too many, to be honest, and need to, should, part with some. But which?
    My Custard Jug? No, it was my first jug and my most precious.
    The Bumble Bee jug? No! Absolutely not!!
    The Half Pint Jug? Aw… never. It’s so creamy white and I love the writing on it.
    The Quarter of a Pint Jug? But .. but … that would be like giving the baby away and I couldn’t do that!
    The Chicken Jug? ARE YOU MAD??? I couldn’t possibly part with that one. I got it for such an amazing price…. never!
    The Spotty Jug? Nope. Never seen another one of those anywhere.
    The tall glass, vintage jug which has a stem and a large base to keep it from being knocked over? Noooooo. Bought that in a charity shop when I was passing and they had it in the window …. calling my name, calling, calling, calling! HAD to buy that one.

    What about just one of the others?
    [sigh] … as Fagan sang in the film Oliver …. “I think I’d better think it out again!”
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x


  2. Great – we should all put things, in sight, that we like and that bring memories to our mind. Faye always has some great ideas. Love the display of old bowls.

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    • That’s a wonderful point- for years I had breakables packed away so they wouldn’t get broken. After seeing a neighbor lose her house and all her things to a fire, I got all those breakables out of boxes so I can see them.

      She will love that you like her display of bowls. They recently remodeled the kitchen and painted the dark cabinets white and she took some cabinet doors off to show her collection.

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