23 thoughts on “Trampoline Day

  1. Wind was kind to the kite, not so to the trampoline!! We had a storm the other day with 70 mph winds, I watched our heavy patio table do flip flops across the patio into the rocks. Thankful for no damage on our place. A lot of power poles and trees were downed.
    Beautiful start to the day today!!

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    • Oh no. Bet that was a bit unnerving to watch your patio set moving on it’s own. Yikes on the 70 mph winds. Glad to hear you didn’t get any damage. The weather has been so crazy, hasn’t it?


    • We are lucky we were inside. We’d spent the whole evening the night before playing on it/ by it. Things are better today, sunny and warm. Storms coming in tomorrow though- bringing 3-5 inches of rain…

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  2. Oh my word!!! I think your weather ended up here today. It hit about the time schools were supposed to dismiss. They ended up keeping the students an extra hour and on alert because of Tornado warning and watches all over. There were a couple touchdowns but I haven’t heard of any huge damage.

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