Summertime Grace

The wildflowers are out in full force. Everyday, when  I look out my dining room window, they seem to be enjoying these long sunny days. They sway in the breeze, hold their faces up to blue skies, and simply look stunning on any ordinary afternoon.

A few days ago on my walk to the mailbox, something caught my eye. First of all, just imagine a field of white. Literally, there are thousands of white blooms all crowded together across an entire field.

Now, that itself is a beautiful scene, right?

Enter unique.

About six feet from the road, I saw pink. Pink, seriously? The exact same plant, but pink. The exact same bloom, in pink. Although that may not appear to be a big deal, around here, it is. It has been a rare occasion that I’ve ever seen pink.

I seriously contemplated stepping into waste-high weeds to get a closer look. I mean, it is tick and chigger season around here. One step off the road could lead to bug bites that itch for a week. Hmm. What’s a girl to do?

My fate? I totally did it. Weeds smeeds!  What are a few bug bites when I got to stand right next to summertime grace? 

32 thoughts on “Summertime Grace

  1. Weeds Smeeds exactly! At one point in time, those ‘weeds’ were actually called flowers. The only reason they suddenly because ‘weeds’ is because they fell out of favour and no one wanted them. To be honest … I’d rather have a bunch on ‘weeds’ in a vase on the table, than a bunch of expensive roses or the like. ‘Weeds’ have such a ‘natural’ look to them and they truly are really very beautiful.

    LOVE the photos. Thank you so much for the share Jessica.
    ~ Cobs. xxx

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    • Hi sweetie. Thank you SO much. Love what you said. It makes total sense! Once upon a time they WERE flowers! I agree with you, I’d rather have wildflowers on my table anyday! Thanks for your lovely comments!

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  2. Beautiful flowers! And to think some would call them weeds. Mr Farmer would be one to call them weeds. If he only knew that some of the plants we have are called: butterfly milkWEED, Joe-Pye WEED, thistle…….
    I enjoyed our walk to the mailbox.
    Have a wonderful weekend

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    • HELLO!!! I was just wondering about you today when I was walking past the flowers. How are you? Thank you for coming along on “both” walks with me. Even if you didn’t know you were along with me today.

      Love that about Mr. Farmer not knowing about the WEEDs. Some things are better left unsaid. Ha ha. Hope you are well. I miss you so much.


    • Hi. Thank you so much! Wish you could see them in real life. I just walked over there again.

      Thank you. I’ve meant to blog, but haven’t been getting it done. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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