An Island

For over a year we’ve had a family trip planned to go on an Alaskan cruise. Then, because of health reasons, we had to cancel at the last minute. 

Instead, we opted for a vacation closer to home. Yesterday we arrived at our destination for a week, on an island. 

34 thoughts on “An Island

    • Hey girl, wow, I’m running behind here. Sorry. Thank you for the comments. It was a wonderful trip. Love that place so much. How are you doing? How are Alaska and Oreo?


    • Hey sweetie!! What a surprise to see you here! You made my day! πŸ’œπŸ’œ And, you’re right, wherever we are IS perfect. Thank you so much. Hugs my friend.


  1. Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday. It’s not quite what you’d been planning, but it’s a new place with fresh air, new things to look at and … you’re all together.
    Have a WONDERFUL time. (that’s an order, not a wish! lol)
    Sending love ~ Cobs x

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    • Thank you. We decided to wait on Alaska. Flying is out for us, so it was going to be 31 hours on the road one way- about 2,100 miles one way. We’re hoping to be able to do it next year maybe.

      This is our 3rd time to this island and it never gets old. We were too early to check in yesterday, so we went to the beach for a few hours and jumped in the waves.


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