Always Welcome Here

It’s Sunday morning and we are at the cabin in the woods. I’m sitting on the porch eating potato chips for breakfast and listening to the birds and cicadas rattle on about their Sunday sermons.

Around me are empty seats and if you were here, I’d offer you one. Then, I’d probably start in on my own rattling about the beauty of this day, the wind singing through the trees, and the peace that comes with just sitting and breathing.

I’d like to think there’d be some quietness between the chit chit, a bit of silence for mindless thinking, and even a possible catnap, if time allowed.

After we got our fill of potato chips, stories, and good old fashioned belly laughs, you’d announce that you need to get on the road. Got a busy week ahead. Things to do, meals to make, family to care for.

I’d tell you I totally understand, we have a full week of this or that. We’d say what a great morning it’s been catching up, and I’d probably remind you way too many times to come by anytime and grab a seat because you’re always welcome here.Β 

24 thoughts on “Always Welcome Here

  1. I may not be there in body, Jessica, but believe me …. I’m there in spirit. My spirit is sat with you and holding your hand, just enjoying in the sights and sounds of nature doing what nature does best.

    Nothing can replace those moments when nature wakes up. Nothing can replicate the sound … for it’s not just a sound. It’s also a feeling.
    A truly beautiful post Jessica…. and I feel that all those apparently empty chairs aren’t empty at all. You’re not alone. Not only are there a hundred thousand Angels by your side … there are the spirites of others who you have known or do know, who are with you.

    Thank you for this uplifting, wonderful post.
    Sending my love ~ Cobs. x

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