27 thoughts on “Yellow

    • Well, hello!! Stranger! Where have you been??? I have been wondering about you for the longest time. Great hearing from you. Hope you are doing well. Big hugs and kisses from me and Little Bit.

      You ought to come here now, the ditches are lined with yellow. It’s so beautiful. G

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    • Oh my gosh, then you would’ve loved that place. It was yellow as far as could see. My favorite color is pink, but after standing on that road, I said I may change my mind and choose yellow. I am glad you love yellow. So cheery!


  1. Aw Jessica… the photographs are incredible!
    Isn’t it strange how nature seems to make us see a particular colour like your yellow. It’s like it’s saying: “Have you noticed this yellow colour? I don’t think you have … so I’m going to make you colour blind to any other colour, just for today!” Ha!

    Truly lovely photos Jessica. I agree with Rabbit. I think you could do a book with your photographs. Seriously. You’re great at writing, so I reckon, with a ‘narative’ teamed with your photos, the book would be incredible.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    • Great question! I packed my wildflower book already (for our move) and I can’t quite remember what tub I put it in, ha. For some reason I am thinking it is wild sunflower. And, thank you. They were stunning.

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