47 thoughts on “For Her

  1. What a beautiful tribute-I am so very sorry and heartbroken for your friend. You are right-the world just goes on like nothing happened-it is very hard to comprehend-something so significant changed-well everything changed for your friend, yet you look around and things look like nothing happened-That is EXACTLY how it felt for me. Please tell your friend I am praying for her.

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  2. I am so sorry for your friend. We had this happen several years ago with a friend also and at this same time of year. So much sadness and heartache at such a beautiful time of year. I am so grateful for faith and knowing our loved ones are not gone, but wait for us.

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    • Hey girl, I’m so happy to see you. ❤️ It’s soooo hard when our friends are hurting, you know? I just want to take away her broken heart… this was just a teeny thing I could do to honor the wonderful person he was. Thank you for your kind words- she’ll love them. Hugs!

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