Canoe on the Roof

Yesterday we ventured off of the highway and stopped at a tiny river town. I love the idea that nature is such a huge part the of place.

The 1930’s courthouse sported crystals in its walls, a Dogwood tree out front was all a’ bloom, and oddly enough, the grocery store across the street fit right in, with a canoe on the roof.

27 thoughts on “Canoe on the Roof

    • Wish you could see that building in real life. It’s so unique. And, those stones were glistening in the sunlight. The flowers are Dogwood blooms. Do you have Dogwood trees there? By the way, wish you were here this week as some new birds have come to our feeder. Birds I’ve never seen before! Between the two of us, I bet we could’ve figured them out. Ha ha. One, was an Oriole, I think. Such a bright orange.


      • Yes, we have pink and white dogwwods- I love the flowers on them. I google the birds I don;t know- type in the color of the breast and head and look in google images- I usually find one that matches what I saw! :-)


    • Thanks so much. It’s a really fun place. It’s an old town, lots of history. We went back by there yesterday and the river was way up from all the rain.


    • It is a neat place. The town is right next to the river. We actually stopped to go to the Jolly Cone- an ice cream shop that opened in 1953. The scenery was quite a treat, too. 😊😊


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