25 thoughts on “Schoolhouse

    • Love that you see a different perspective. I hadn’t considered that. Now I understand JDRay’a comment a little more. All I saw was the reflection of those trees playing off of the window. Actually, I love what you said- the photo is almost like a 2018 glimpse into an era gone by. Thank you for sharing that.

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    • Hi Faye! How’s my favorite farmhouse furniture reviver?? 💕 Thank you. I thought it was absolutely unique and quite stunning. I can almost imagine sitting in the school desk and looking out at the trees, daydreaming, during the lessons. ❤️


    • Hey, girl. How are you? Thank you so much. We went back there and I took some more of the reflections in the windows, but included the wooden frames this time. They are pretty neat, too.


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