Miraculous Miracles

For a while now, things with our move have sort of been at a stand still. Our lake property that we’ve been trying to sell for over a year, hasn’t had a nibble. The farm we have picked out in the new town, hasn’t been moving forward. Like at all.


Have you ever felt like you were completely and utterly stuck in limbo? Knowing you’re going somewhere, but never really leaving? Oh my gosh, that gets old.

For me, that has left me right in the middle of frustrated. Going somewhere, but not so much.

Enter Sunday. Throughout the day on Sunday, I found SEVEN four-leaf clovers!! What?? Ok, I rarely even ever find one. So, finding number four, five, and six, I was like, “no way!”


And, those seven clovers changed everything! Are you ready for this?

Yesterday morning, I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. It was some kind soul making an offer on our lake cabin!!! Are you kidding me? Completely out of the blue!

Then, the farm that we’ve had our eye on, became a real possibility yesterday!! Plus, another house that would be a great fit for us, opened up! Sunday afternoon, it had another offer on it. Yesterday,, that offer fell through!

What? Whoa! Are you talking to me?? Needless to say, I about fell over.

Why this sudden grace of good luck? I mean, how do all of things amazing things suddenly happen in one day?

Honestly, in my heart, I believe it’s because I gave a bunch of stuff from the past back.

In yesterday’s post, (you can read it here if you like.), I told you about how I realized that everyone else’s stuff I’ve taken on in my life, wasn’t ever mine. So, I gave it back.

Talk about freeing! By doing so, I think opened my heart up to receive more of the good stuff.

Recently, during one of the classes I took, I learned that by letting go of the old yucky stuff, stories, and looping thoughts, we actually create pathways for new things to come in. We create abundance!

So, say I have an old story that I’m carrying around and even though I’m completely justified in my thoughts and feelings towards it, it is s-t-i-l-l holding me back and it is s-t-i-l-l blocking the good things from coming in.

BUT, by releasing it, new wonderful things can come in?? Completely unprompted? They just show up?

Whoa! How cool is that? Hmm. Yes! Sign me up.

Here’s to four-leaf clovers, letting go, and having faith. What a beautiful few days it’s been. Freeing and full of miraculous miracles.

21 thoughts on “Miraculous Miracles

  1. yay!!! This couldn’t be happening to a nicer person-signs are so wonderful (your clovers) I am in the exact situation you were in . . .going somewhere sometime-and it is challenging. I just decided to accept that things will move when they ought to and try to wait cheerfully. Oh I am so happy for you-keep us updated, dear one!

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    • If I had a boat, I’d hug you. It’s been a long road. It’s so damn freeing to let go of everybody’s and anybody’s stuff. Even the teacher in 6th grade you called me out in front of everyone and said I was coloring wrong… Oh Lord, surrender is hard. Forgiveness is tricky. But, freedom is monumental. ❤️

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      • No need for a boat Jess, I can feel your hug! ❤️ Gosh, you could have been describing my teacher, except she was a nun and she called me out in front of a grade 6 class and told me off for sewing the hem of the tablecloth wrong. I’ve never forgotten it. “Freedom is monumental” I love that.

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  2. Missie has been sending us your blogs, and this one really really spoke to me. Not that it was profound or anything. It was just the down-to-earth goodness that I really need to envision in my life right now. You are an inspiration, cousin. Keep up the good words! And congratulations. I hope all your dreams come true!

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    • Oh my gosh!! What a beautiful surprise this is!! I never dreamed of seeing you here!! I’m so happy that my writing counted with you. That means the world to me. Thank you so much for commenting! Cousins rule!!


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