Castor River Shut Ins

Have you ever noticed how time can get away from you? Yesterday we went to a really cool place and after I took some pictures, I thought, “this will make a good blog post.”

Blog post? I haven’t posted since the end of May! Let’s just say, this pending move has had my time somewhat upside down. But, we are almost in the clear now. Our house sells on August 14 and we buy our new house on August 15!!! Woo hoo!

This weekend we came to our new-to-be town to see my husband. He had some time off on Sunday, so we headed to a place my mom had told me about called Castor River Shut Ins.

Oh my, talk about a beautiful place! The rocks are all pink granite and it looks like a giant jungle gym! We climbed all over them.

Thanks for telling me about it, Mom. We had a wonderful day!

24 thoughts on “Castor River Shut Ins

    • Faye!!!!! Omg I’ve missed you!! I am so behind on reading, how are you? Did you survive that big flood? Were all the crops lost? Fill me in please! ❤️

      • Hello Jessica!! Glad you are back with a blog. Yes we survived the big flood. We did lose about 15% of our crop as we are along the river. But that can always be worse! Our house is high and dry….
        Busy summer over here….floods, moving in laws to assisted living and sorting through their house and my middle son got married a few weeks back.
        Now I am having some knee issues and they think I have a meniscus tear….(big sigh) so I am on crutches until they know for sure on Monday when I go see the orthopedic guy.
        How have you been? Ever make it to Okoboji?? I was there last Tuesday by my sister. I keep track of you a bit on Facebook lol.

        • Omg, your knee! What happened? Ouch! Hope that heals up quickly. We didn’t make it up to Iowa yet. Esther turned 99 and we were supposed to go to my folks first before Iowa, then my folks had something come up, so we stayed put. Ha. Glad to here your house was on high ground, but sorry to hear about your crop loss. Every penny counts, it seems. Congratulations on your son getting married! That’s exciting! I love the sound of sorting through your in-laws house– memory lane, I bet. I hope they transition well. Have they lived on a farm or in town? I hear it’s quite an adjustment if someone has lived in the country all their life. Thinking of them and you. Hope you get some knee relief soon!

    • You’re right, in person, it’s so beautiful. Thank you. Me, too. Within like an hour and a half of us will be all kinds of rivers and natural springs. Adventures ahead!

    • Appraiser???? Eeks! I missed something! Do you have a buyer for your Rabbit Patch??? I love you too, honey. I haven’t read any blog posts for awhile, I’m so behind. Thank goodness for Facebook, at least we can keep in touch somewhat. Thank you, looks like our move will begin mid- August. We have some repairs to finish up and the inspector has to ok everything, then hopefully this house will close. Moving seems to be such a lonnng process. ❤️

    • Heyyyyyyy!! How are you?? I’ve been wondering about you! It was pretty. Maybe you can come see us when we move!!

      I haven’t blogged or read blogs for a while, are you still blogging? Still doing your church thing? I miss seeing those. If you are, I gotta catch up! ❤️

      • Are you moving closer or farther from Kansas? Of course I’d love to see you and help explore your new surroundings. Looks SO beautiful.

        As for blogging, not doing much. Having a hard time converting over to my laptop. Can’t believe I’m so old fashion and love a desktop. Not reading blogs either and I miss knowing what everyone is doing and their lovely posts!! Can only imagine how busy you are. Did the lake place sell? Excited to hear about your new home!!

        • Well… we’re moving east… southeast Missouri. Poplar Bluff. But you can still come!!! Sounds like we’re both doing about the same, blogging wise. Yes!! We sold the lake July 9. We had 3 real estate contracts going at ONCE! Down to 2. We were supposed to close on selling our house July 20- that didn’t happen! It got extended to August 14. If all goes as planned (ha), we will sell August 14 and buy our new house August 15. It’s been a lonnnnng wait.

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