16 thoughts on “Storm

    • Hi Ann. All that we got was that puddle full! But, we did get a bit more today!!! Enough to wake up the grass– I think it greened up just a bit. I was able to walk barefoot on it without the grass hurting my feet for the first time in months. Thank you, I didn’t realize how much I missed the clouds/ rain until we haven’t had any.


  1. We too are knee deep in a drought here in Manitoba CANADA Jessica. It’s so very frustrating and scary. I believe we’ve had about 3″ TOTAL in the past 4 mths. Maybe… just maybe Mother Nature will be kinder to us next crop season.

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    • You’re in Canada? For some reason I thought you were in Europe. Oh man, sorry to hear about your drought as well. This morning, it was soooooo hot and our grass is brown. Our neighbors cattle were standing in the pasture behind my house, just crying. It was like an oven outside. I walked over there and just felt so bad for them- the grass is brown… Then, like an hour later, a storm kicked up and we had RAIN!!! A nice shower!!! I walked back over there later and those cows were settled. Many were laying down and I swear, the grass greened up some!! My hard even has a green tinge!

      Sorry to hear about your crops. Seems like weather can really affect many things. Will keep you in my thoughts.


      • Canadian I am! Through and through! ❤️ 😊 🇨🇦 Born, raised and raising for 44+ years. All of our grasses (pasture and elsewhere) have been DEAD BROWN since mid July. Our dug-outs for our cattle are dry, and we’re hauling water to them. Thankfully we have enough pasture to hopefully keep them grazing till the end of August — on a typical year, they graze till early October. We however are luckier than some… as some of our neighbours are already feeding their cattle bales… in a year where hay bales are a serious shortage. Our crops are surprisingly OK… but just OK. We continue to have many blessings amidst a very dry year. xo

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        • Oh goodness. Bet your cattle are happy to see you coming with water. So glad to hear you have some pasture for feeding. It’s been so dry here, I haven’t seen many putting up hay. May make for a really long winter, if there’s a shortage. Yay for blessings and ok crops. We’ll take both. ❤️


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