Leaving Home

It’s the last Friday in this house

9 years of adventures here have lead us to a new road

I savor the quiet of this morning

The way the sun fills up the rooms

Shadows from the window panes laid out across my hope chest

Dishes in the sink

Toy cars strewn about

Birds on the feeder outside our back door

The sound of the neighbor’s tractor as he mows

A white cow in the pasture

20 little birds just flew into the back yard, I’m standing at the back door and here they came

Little Bit sleeping in on his last Friday morning in his “will be” old room

Me, in my pajamas, wandering around my house, embracing these moments

That one day I’m going to miss

29 thoughts on “Leaving Home

    • It sure is. But, that’s a good thing, in a way I guess. We’ve been in this house since Little Bit was 2. It’s been a really great home for us. Our next home is going to be really nice, too. It’s a country house with 10 acres. I’ve got big plans for that land, so I’m excited to go. Will just miss this house. Thank you for reading my first poem on my blog. ❤️ And, for your kind words. Hope you are doing well. Fingers crossed for your tooth!


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