A Pink Truck and Paintbrushes

A few weeks ago I saw that there was a painting class being offered in our new town. I loved the picture of an old truck with a Christmas tree in the back, so I signed up.

Last night, I walked into a building that was nearly bursting with people the class was so full. And, there I was, knowing absolutely no one, looking for an empty place to sit…

Eeks! Have you ever been in that position? Trying to find an empty seat and feeling like there’s a flashing neon sign around you that says, “I came ALONE!!!”

Finally, I spied two empty chairs right up front, so I headed in that direction. As I stepped past one to grab the other, I heard someone say that I could sit there.

Whew! Relief! A seat!

Oh my gosh, you guys! I’m pretty sure the night couldn’t have gone any better. The gals I ended up sitting by were fabulous, kind, and funny. I had a total blast and genuinely laughed at times I wasn’t even expecting to.

After I got home, I showed my painting to my husband and Little Bit, then reflected on my lessons learned:

  • trying something new is an adventure worth taking
  • walking into a place where you know no one is worth the risk
  • alone isn’t necessarily alone
  • kindness lives, it really, truly does

Here’s to small towns, random Monday evenings, a pink truck and paintbrushes.

12 thoughts on “A Pink Truck and Paintbrushes

    • Good point! Most of the time, I’m busy getting in my own way! Ha ha. One of the gals told me about her gift shop, so Little Bit and I went to it a few days later. It’s SO nice! I could take one of everything!!

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  1. I’ve been away for awhile missing WordPress blogs and knew from the moment that I read pink truck and paint 🎨 brushes I had to stop and read! I always have enjoyed your post and have to say this is just so wonderful! Every bit I got goosebumps! & your painting is darling!!!💕 Happy holidays to you and yours! 🎅🏼🎄✨

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    • Oh my goodness, how absolutely sweet of you. I am SO glad you commented. I haven’t been blogging much– I’ve been in this sort of writing freeze. I think I’ve just been trying to find my way, you know? ❤️ I appreciate that you mentioned that my title sparked an interest . The class was so great- I want to paint those trucks again and again. Thank you for your kindness and for commenting. I hope you guys have a terrific holiday season as well.


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