A Pink Truck and Paintbrushes

A few weeks ago I saw that there was a painting class being offered in our new town. I loved the picture of an old truck with a Christmas tree in the back, so I signed up.

Last night, I walked into a building that was nearly bursting with people the class was so full. And, there I was, knowing absolutely no one, looking for an empty place to sit…

Eeks! Have you ever been in that position? Trying to find an empty seat and feeling like there’s a flashing neon sign around you that says, “I came ALONE!!!”

Finally, I spied two empty chairs right up front, so I headed in that direction. As I stepped past one to grab the other, I heard someone say that I could sit there.

Whew! Relief! A seat!

Oh my gosh, you guys! I’m pretty sure the night couldn’t have gone any better. The gals I ended up sitting by were fabulous, kind, and funny. I had a total blast and genuinely laughed at times I wasn’t even expecting to.

After I got home, I showed my painting to my husband and Little Bit, then reflected on my lessons learned:

  • trying something new is an adventure worth taking
  • walking into a place where you know no one is worth the risk
  • alone isn’t necessarily alone
  • kindness lives, it really, truly does

Here’s to small towns, random Monday evenings, a pink truck and paintbrushes.

12 replies to “A Pink Truck and Paintbrushes

    1. Good point! Most of the time, I’m busy getting in my own way! Ha ha. One of the gals told me about her gift shop, so Little Bit and I went to it a few days later. It’s SO nice! I could take one of everything!!

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  1. I’ve been away for awhile missing WordPress blogs and knew from the moment that I read pink truck and paint 🎨 brushes I had to stop and read! I always have enjoyed your post and have to say this is just so wonderful! Every bit I got goosebumps! & your painting is darling!!!💕 Happy holidays to you and yours! 🎅🏼🎄✨

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    1. Oh my goodness, how absolutely sweet of you. I am SO glad you commented. I haven’t been blogging much– I’ve been in this sort of writing freeze. I think I’ve just been trying to find my way, you know? ❤️ I appreciate that you mentioned that my title sparked an interest . The class was so great- I want to paint those trucks again and again. Thank you for your kindness and for commenting. I hope you guys have a terrific holiday season as well.


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