Wild Horses

Yesterday Little Bit and I took a road trip and went to a place where wild horses live. Like, seriously. In this day and age where everybody and everything gets bossed around, there are horses that still roam free.

We arrived at Round Spring hoping to see them, but figured the chances were pretty slim. We saw horse manure everywhere and saw fresh tracks in the grass, but no horses.

That was ok, we were soaking up the scenery. Did I mention that we were the only ones there? Well, except for a ground hog, a squirrel, a Great Blue Heron, and an armadillo. A couple came, but weren’t there long.

The spring’s blue nearly took my breath in the grayness of the day. A few days ago, I was hoping for a sunny day to go out and take pictures. Yesterday I realized beauty lives in cloudy days, too.

After spending a few hours around the spring, we took a right on highway 19 and wandered up to Echo Bluff State Park. Good move. We got lucky.

We weren’t even looking for them, yet there they were, three wild horses. They didn’t seem to be too bothered by our truck’s engine and let me take several pictures from the driver’s seat.

After we did some hiking, playing, and t-shirt buying at the lodge, we started for home. On the way out of the park, there those three wild horses were again. Pretty darn cool.

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