30 thoughts on “Morning Drive

  1. Drives down the dirt roads are always interesting. Yes, the outhouse shows its age. I am always taking photos of old abandoned buildings. I often wish I could hear the stories of the families that lived in the old run down and deserted homes in the country.

      • Well we can’t be twins – I am much older than you. Maybe mother and granddaughter. Ha I love history and the way others lived decades ago is so interesting to me.

        • Much older? Would’ve never guessed it! ❤️ A granddaughter I’ll be! Lost both my grandmas. ❤️ Me, too. My mom told me that I was born a couple generations late… I fit more into the old fashioned kind. With clotheslines, Sunday suppers, and six things.

          • My daughter and granddaughter were born to older mothers – so my daughter is an old soul too at the age of 44. As for me – I am 76 and one week from now will be married for 57 years. So I will adopt you as my second granddaughter.

          • Wow!!! Congratulations on 57 years!! And, hallelujah for old souls!! I’d LOVE to be an adopted granddaughter– but just so you know, I’m a bit older than your daughter. I’m an older momma myself- had my miracle baby at age 39. ❤️

          • Wow – you beat me on the age for having a child. I was 32 when I had my daughter. Never thought I would have children – she was my miracle child. She is a good Christian woman now. I thought you were just a youngster. If not my adopted granddaughter – then my adopted daughter. I find the secret to being older – Never give up and keep moving. After all the yard work I did with a hoe and rake yesterday I think I better slow down. Ha Ha

          • Looks like we’ve got miracle kids in common. 5 years of infertility for us- lots of loss. Am soooooooo thankful for this beautiful one!! I’ll be your adopted daughter!! Honored! My momma is 73 . Bet you guys would click! Love your secret for being older– especially the keep moving. I try to not get stuck in things and to keep moving.

            Oh man, hoeing and raking is hard work! I’ve been painting bathrooms and bedrooms, ripping flooring out, and teaching myself how to tear out bathroom vanities!! By the end of this, I may never want to see another can of paint again!!! Ha ha ha!

          • I was married 12 years before I had my daughter. I really did not think I was going to be able to have children.
            My husband is 82 and almost died of meningitis 7 years ago. He has macular degeneration and gets shots in his eyes for that. But he never quits. He is a maintenance man and together we have built everything you can think of. I feel like I have painted so many things I could be classified as a house painter. Ha Tomorrow is anniversary 57 – we have had a great life and hope to have a few more years. I think your mother and I would click and I bet you and my daughter would click. I was out using the push mower late yesterday – so hot – want this weather to cool down. Thanks for all of your great comments. If you want to privately chat sometime just email me. peggyjoan42@gmail.com You have a good weekend,

          • Oh my gosh- about your husband and meningitis!!! And, macular degeneration is some mean stuff. My great aunt Irene had that. I didn’t know they did shots for it. Does it help? Thank you so much for your email- I’ll definitely email you. May be a week or so, we’re headed to Colorado for 5 days. Get some mountain air!! ❤️

            Well HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 57 years!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 That’s awesome! My parents celebrated 51 in April. My grandparents on Dad’s side celebrated 73, then grandpa passed on. ❤️

            We were married 8 years before miracle baby was born. A little less than your 12. And, I bet you’re right about all of us clicking! Makes me want to come to Arkansas!!!

          • Shots in the eye once a month with medications is suppose to help macular degeneration. No pain after they deaden the area. So far no change yet in the eyes. Have fun in Colorado. Wow 73 years of marriage is an achievement.

          • Prayers for his eyes!! ❤️❤️❤️

            Thank you- we leave Tuesday. Hoping to go to a rocket museum in Kansas on the way. They are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo Moon Landing. We’re heading towards Fort Collins CO area and may go to Wyoming just for fun!

          • Hey, I feel like I shouldn’t have mentioned our trip and Colorado on your post about growing up. I contemplated whether to mention it there… sorry about that.

          • Oh my – do not worry about that. I was glad to hear you were going on an adventure. So exciting for you that you needed to share. Have fun, fun, fun!

      • I wrote a post January 2, 2017 – The Old Abandoned House. Tried to repost this, but went in circles. Technology sometimes gets the best of me and even tutorials don’t help. Ha

        • Agree!!! Obligation is a perfect word. Self-imposed, on my part, of course. It’s easy to get in that mindset of having to be social- ha ha. It reminds me of what it must have been like to be on the party line– phone calls with the whole neighborhood. Ha! My old fashioned won out.

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