Kansas Sightseeing

Our trek to Colorado from home is leading us through 982 miles of the midwest. This Kansas roadside has been sprinkled with fields full of sunflowers. If we had time, I’d pull over and take a thousand pictures.

But… all I have to offer is one field shot from my back seat view.

We just left a stop at the World’s Largest Easel in Goodland, Kansas. I’m a sucker for the World’s Largest things. In May, on a trip through Iowa, we saw the World’s Largest Working Windmill and the World’s Largest Ball of Popcorn.

If you like these kinds of things, the easel is definitely worth a look. Roadside America has some interesting articles on its history.

Just crossed into Colorado!! Wahoo!! Give me some mountains!

21 thoughts on “Kansas Sightseeing

  1. Hey!!! On I-70 you were within 3 miles of me!!! Darn wished I had know. Most of the time when people come thru Kansas they are in a hurry to get somewhere else.
    You stopped at places I’ve driven thru but didn’t stop. So much to see in this beautiful country we call HOME!
    Safe travels

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  2. Oh, how wonderful Jessica. I love that easel. Australia is renowned for a lot of big things too. We have a giant koala, prawn, banana and so many other weird and wonderful things. Hope you’re well.

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    • Oh my gosh! I bet you would love seeing that easel. It’s in a small, quiet town. I saw a bird fly by the easel and wondered if it noticed that it was flying by something so big.

      It’s a fun trip. We were at a space museum this morning and are now just east of Denver. Have a hotel in Loveland tonight. Hope to run up to Wyoming and look around tomorrow and also go to Estes Park. This is Little Bit’s first time to both states and seeing the Rockies. Pretty exciting.

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