Yesterday, we started our day in Silverthorne, Co, went over Loveland Pass, through several mountain towns, and through Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Park itself was packed!! Cars and people everywhere, which is fine, but it limited the number of parking places, so I didn’t get many photographs.

We did get to stop in Estes Park for some fun family activities at Fun City. On our way out of Estes Park, through Big Thompson Canyon towards Loveland, this beautiful rainbow appeared.

15 thoughts on “Rainbow

    • Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Hope you’re doing well. I love exactly what you said about this picture. It’s almost like the rainbow and the hill ‘met’ for coffee or a chat at the perfect moment. An “Oh hey, nice to see you” moment turned into a photo. An awesome thing to see. :)


    • Oh my gosh, you were there yesterday, too?? We tried to pull into to see Lake Irene, Milner Pass, and the Alpine Visitors Center– had to pull back out, no parking. However, as we wound around the Alpine Visitors Center parking lot, I had enough time to hop out (my husband was driving) and run over to catch a picture of the snow, then hop back in. Ha ha.

      Wish you could’ve seen that rainbow– it was trying soooooo hard to be a whole rainbow.

      We’re in Nebraska now and there’s just a blanket of clouds laying upon the horizon as far as I can see. It’s rather pretty across the plains.

      Thank you for commenting, hope you have a wonderful day!

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      • I tried to go hiking over and the Bear Lake area in the whole Bear Lake Road was closed down! I ended up still getting a high again and it was absolutely gorgeous so I guess I can’t complain too much!! I didn’t even attempt to go to the Alpine visitor center!


        • Smart!!!! About the visitor center!!!! Huge bummer about that road being closed!! But, awesome on the high up view!! I haven’t been to Bear Lake. Will have to put that on my “I want to see it” list. Did you do a post about yesterday yet?

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          • No. I only post about once a week. It’ll probably be a week or two.. I did post about it awhile back in regards to going past it for Sky Pond and mentioned it on my Rocky Mountain Trip post. The Bear Lake area is awesome because there are so many different hikes to do and my goal is to eventually do all of them! Well, the ones under 10 mies…lol

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            • Cool- I’ll look for those and will wait for the next one. Bravo, for being able to do those hikes!!! I hike, but am definitely not conditioned for 12,000+ feet in elevation. Ha ha. About 2-3 miles in the Ozark mountains is my normal thing. My sister did thru hike the Appalachian Trail last year. That’s cool that you want to hike those.

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