The Archway

If you are anywhere around Exit 275 on I-80 in Nebraska, and you want to see something really cool, stop at the Great Platte River Road Archway museum in Kearney.

On our way from Cheyenne Wyoming to northwest Missouri yesterday, we took I-80 through Nebraska and stopped there. Oh my gosh, you guys, it is amazing!!

The museum chronicles travel history in the area starting with covered wagons, stagecoaches, the Pony Express, and highways.

We each got a ‘personal-type’ museum guide via a device that looks like a tv remote with headphones. The exhibits had numbers on them and you can just point them at ones you want to learn about and press play.

That was my first experience with those and it was really neat. You can move at your own pace, turn the volume up or down, there’s no rush to miss a tour group.

The museum itself is extraordinary with its escalator entrance, the lifelike figures, the detailed murals ceiling high, railroad history, and a great display about the highway system. It ends with a step inside a vintage diner with booths and jukeboxes.

The gift shop is really nice and there’s even an ol’ vintage Coca Cola machine, if you fancy a soda in a glass bottle.

I’m so glad we went! Their website is if you’re interested in learning more.

15 thoughts on “The Archway

    • Oh, you will Love it!! Truly! You get on that escalator and ascend into a story. The scenes in there are so lifelike. I didn’t get a picture, but there’s a snow scene where a husband is handing his wife the baby (pioneers) and it’s about the hard times on the trail and their expressions are nearly real. My favorite part was about the Lincoln Highway and how it became I-80. There is a Cadillac in there with a driver (fake) and he looks so happy ‘cruising’in it. There’s also stuff about Drive-in movies. Let me know when you go. I’d love to hear how you guys like it.


    • Thank you. Before we left Wyoming, I googled “off the beaten path” things to see along I-80 in Nebraska. Otherwise, I had never heard of it. There’s also a lake, a big picnic shelter, and a nice outdoor maze with 4 lookout towers made like an old fort.

      Down the street through the parking lot is a museum about fire stations. Next time I’d love to see that one– not enough time yesterday.

      Bet you’d really enjoy the Archway if you’re ever back in Nebraska. :)

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    • It’s really cool- worth stopping for. It’s like you get to see what those traveling adventure were like. Popping over a meadow and hearing and seeing a herd of buffalo (on the screen) was awesome. I hope you get to go sometime.


  1. That is wonderful. We will have to go as it is only a few hours from us. If you like History, come to Indep. MO. The home of Harry Truman and his President Museum. It is also the starting of the Santa Fe, California, Oregon Trail. We have a museum that documents the beginning of the trip west, with Lists of Wagon Trains and some lists of people traveling thru,

    I enjoy your travels
    Thank you for sharing

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    • Hi!!!!! I didn’t realize Independence had all that! We love history! I didn’t don’t know all of those trails started there. That’s really cool.

      You will LOVE te Archway. It’s very interactive. There’s a log cabin set up and you can see through it and there’s a video playing of riders getting on horses on te Pony Express. And, there’s another scene where you’re in front of a meadow, and buffalo on a screen come running over a hill. It’s sooooooo cool. Downstairs, there is a place where you “mine” for gems. (Buy a bag, see what goodies are in te sand.)

      Thank you for your kind words and for reading. We went past KC a few hours ago. Now we are east of Springfield and have about 3 hours left to get home.


    • Oh my gosh, you’re so sweet! Thank you! We’re in a gas station in almost southern Missouri now. Aren’t those devices awesome??? I need to sit down and read all the details you mentioned in the mansion tour. ❤️

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