Carnival Rides

I love an old fashioned county fair. We went to one today, over in the southeast corner of Missouri. We saw some exhibits, watched a little barrel racing, got a snow cone, and spent a good chunk of the afternoon in the midway.

PS Don’t let that round Ferris wheel looking thingy fool you– it is fast! We were way up on the top and that thing started rockin’ and rollin’! I actually heard myself say out loud, “It’s ok, look at all the physics that when into building this thing, we’re going to be all right!”


When I stepped out of the seat, the guy working there asked me if I liked the ride. I said “yes, but I didn’t know it was going to be SO scary.”

And, we both laughed. Loudly.

County fairs. The tail end of summer. What a great way to spend the day, riding carnival rides.

26 thoughts on “Carnival Rides

  1. My husband and I were just to the Clay county fair in Spencer, IA yesterday! It is so much fun. We checked out the commercial buildings, sampled food, petted the animals,saw the huge pumpkins, and just marveled at the rides. Ever since West Nile I stay off rides! I don’t think my head would take it anymore….not without losing my lunch.

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    • Oh my gosh, how fun. Oh that’s right- the vertigo. No need to stir that up. I love Spencer! So glad you went. Love that you mentioned the huge pumpkins! We are rereading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder and we are in the chapter County Fair. Says he got that huge pumpkin by giving it milk water!

      My pumpkin plant has a white fungus looking stuff on the leaves and I looked up organic ways to treat it. It said put milk water in a squirt bottle and spray the leaves at night 3 or 4 days in a row. Doing it!! What’s good for Almanzo’s pumpkin is good for mine! Ha ha. What yummies did you eat? I didn’t. Took $100 and after admissions, wristbands for the rides, and one Pepsi for my husband, I only had $3 left. Bought Little Bit a snow cone.

      Which is fine, I am gluten free anyway and I am allergic to corn, so there goes candy bars dipped in batter and fried in corn oil. Ha!!


    • Totally understand! We did go on one that was rather fun, it was called Surf’s up and where we stood up and the brace thing that held us in was a surf board. The ride itself went back and forth like a wave, with just enough spins to make my hair fly all around and cause extreme laughter to burst from our bellies. We rode that one 5 times. (not in a row. Ha)

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  2. I remember my cousin was so excited to ride “The Double Wheel” at the Brockton Fair! All summer she couldn’t wait to ride it. I was too scared to go on… But when my cousin went on, she was closing her eyes and terrified! I don’t blame you for being worried! Great pictures!


    • Hi. Thank you so much. What a great story! Sounds like she and I were in the same boat!! That thing was so high up there! I think I was most surprised about the speed. Plus, the seat rocked. Thank you for reading and for your comments. I just found your blog today after reading Quaint Cooking’s post about that miracle kool aid. I love your post about Buddy Holly. My mom and her friends from high school went to Iowa a couple months ago and were at the crash site. Pretty cool that you have all those collectibles.


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