Swim Beach

Yesterday we went to a super cool place called Crowley’s Ridge State Park in Arkansas. It was built by the CCC in the 1930’s.

There is a 31 acre fishing lake and a smaller lake that is so awesome. It’s a swim beach, complete with water slide, steps leading into the lake, and there’s even paddle boat rentals.

We missed the swimming season by about a month and I love summer, but on this early fall day, we had the place to ourselves.

If you’re traveling through Arkansas, north of Jonesboro, Crowley’s Ridge State Park is definitely worth a stop.

19 replies to “Swim Beach

    1. Wow!!! I am running about a month behind!! So sorry about that! Ha ha. That is so very cool about your father!! I love that, actually! I haven’t been to Lake Superior, but I want to see it. I am going to Google it!! See if I can see their work.


    1. Hey girl, I am sooo sorry I haven’t responded sooner. Blogging break… Thank you- it was a beautiful day and I beautiful place.

      In a few days, we are headed to the beach. Hope to share some pictures while we are there.

      How are you? Hope you are doing great.

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    1. Hi. It sure was. There is sidewalk all the way around it and even a waterfall. There was also an outdoor amphitheater with log steps and benches. Too bad it’s so far from Independence, I bet you’d really like it.


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