Nature on a December Sunday

We’ve had a ton of rain lately. Yesterday, we went down to the river to see how much it had risen. At that time, it was up close to 10 1/2 feet over normal and certainly was not it’s regular glorious, clear color. My husband said it may take a week before the mud makes it way out.

As the trees clumps washed by, I wondered where they would end up. The current was quick. Will we see them again eventually, as we cross river bridges when we head to the state south of us? Interesting things to ponder, as water whizzes by.

After looking at the water for awhile, I found myself wandering about, taking pictures of various things. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, much less picture wise. Today, I start.

Unmeasured Journeys~ the rising river
Unmeasured Journeys~ a unique leaf
Unmeasured Journeys~ bark and things
Unmeasured Journeys~ river rocks
Unmeasured Journeys~ the river after lots of rain this week

All photos are mine.

©️Copyright 2021 Unmeasured Journeys

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