A Wildflower Birthday Without Mom

On this day, in 1946, my momma was born in an old farmhouse in rural Iowa. Oh how I wish she was here to celebrate this day, but life has taken us on an unplanned, unwanted journey.

You see, unexpectedly, she passed away at the end of March. April brought my parent’s 55th wedding anniversary and Easter. May brings Mother’s Day and her birthday.

For a week, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a birthday without somebody. She had me when she was 21, so there’s been many years of gift making, card buying, and such for me. Her loss brings all those traditions to a halt.

So, here it is, THE day.

What I’ve decided to do is plant wildflowers. I picked out a place in my yard that’s not a ‘front and center stage’, but more of a ’come and sit for a bit.’ It’ll get plenty of sun and moonlight. Oh, how my momma loved the moon.

The lines are blurred about who started our love for wildflowers first. Years ago, I remember pointing out all types of them on the roadways when we traveled. Perhaps I sparked an interest for her, but it could’ve been the other way as well.

She grew wildflowers in her yard and would show them to me every summer. My, how she loved them. Seeds to colored brilliance is a miracle in itself.

For her services, I made wildflower seed envelopes for people to take. The sign I made read, ”She loved flowers. Let’s plant some.” Love the idea of people growing flowers to think of her, too.

My back pasture is in it’s gorgeous summer bloom. Daisies, wild roses, and more adorn my walking path. What a joy to see them there, especially today.

If there’s such a thing as heavenly birthdays, I hope today is a big celebration there. My family and I surely do miss her.

Here’s to wildflowers and birthdays. Time for me to go plant some!

Hope you have a lovely day,


morning dew
I’m going to plant inside the fence
wild roses
some pretty flowers
her favorite color was yellow
my helper- mom loved cats

19 thoughts on “A Wildflower Birthday Without Mom

    • Hi. Oh man, your mom passed? I’m sorry to hear that. ❤️ We had some time between the visitation and the life celebration (about 4 weeks), so I started looking at seeded papers online. They were out of my price range, so I got envelopes, stamps, and seeds and made my own. She loved the mountains and wildflowers, so got those stamps.

      Thank you for your kind words. Miss her so much!

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      • My 91 year old mother passed 8 years ago this July. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. She had a long happy life, but it’s never long enough.
        The grief softens in time but I think we always feel the loss.

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        • I love that- about long and happy. I agree about the not long enough. Wish there was just some more days. My momma was 75. It was sudden and we weren’t prepared. But, I’m learning that, sudden or not, parent loss is something that’s not prepare-able. Like, it doesn’t matter when it happens, because it aches either way. I’m happy to hear the grief softens. Thank you for telling me about your mother. Means a lot. ❤️

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