I Have an Art Blog

In November 2021, I started another blog. An art blog. It was a few weeks after I did my first craft show.

It’s called Jeweled Again by Jessica. I take old jewelry and make pieces of art. I have done 3 craft shows so far. The last one was in between mom’s services. I wrote about it on there.

Also, I follow some of your blogs with both of my sites, because for awhile there, I was only blogging on one sight at a time. I’m trying to learn to multitask, ha ha.

Here’s the link if you’d like to see it.


Hope you have a great day!


my art I make on jeweledagainbyjessica

9 thoughts on “I Have an Art Blog

      • I was delighted to look at your art blog. This is a very busy time for us, so I won’t have time to explore it right now. If there isn’t a link (and I wouldn’t know how to do that) from this blog to it, I wish you’d mention it again in a month or so. Some of us need help remembering things! I hope the art blog will be very popular.

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        • Oh, that’s fine. I’d mentioned it before and we chatted about the time you’d made egg carton flowers and may not look at my art blog. I was just excited that you did.

          Ok, I can do that. I know May is a busy month for many. Hope you have a nice day!


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