Bollinger Mill and a Covered Bridge

Today we got to do 2 pretty cool things. Saturdays are our family day out. We ventured over east of us and started our day at a 100 mile long yard sale.

We did a lot of looking, but not much buying. It was fun to look at so many different things for sale.

At the end of the 100 miles, we stopped at Bollinger Mill State Historic Site, near Jackson, Missouri. I love that place. Why?

There’s a 3 story mill and a covered bridge, in one place. They are gorgeous!

Bollinger Mill
covered bridge at Bollinger Mill

I wish I could’ve gathered up the smell somehow of the bridge. It was antique and woodsy. Imagine stepping into a really old rustic barn- that! That’s what the bridge smelled like.

initials carved inside the covered bridge
reflection of the mill under the covered bridge
my view from a knothole in the covered bridge
the river side of Bollinger Mill, the covered bridge sits to the right

What a wonderful day! If you are ever in southeast Missouri, Bollinger Mill is definitely worth a stop.

PS I wrote a post about our 100 mile yard sale adventure on my other blog, if you’re interested, it’s

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8 thoughts on “Bollinger Mill and a Covered Bridge

  1. Awesome photos! I can almost smell the covered bridge! They are such a treasure to find. I want to do a tour of the Bridges of Madison County up in Iowa. They had a bad tornado thru that area this spring. Love the reflection of the mill in the water. Sounds like the perfect family day!!

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    • Oh gosh, if you get a chance to go to Madison County, you will love it. I’ve been there twice! Even seeing the signs to the bridges there is exciting. I’m so happy you said you can almost smell this one. I’m telling you what, it was so earthy smelling, solid almost. Thank you. I love, love, love reflections. What a gift to see something twice at the same time.

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    • No words needed. ❤️ By the way, my momma watched ‘Bridges…” at the hospital. Her request was similar to Francesca’s. Only the family farm, instead of a covered bridge. Iowa, though. How beautiful is that?


    • Hi. Thank you very much. There seems to be so many unique photo opportunities at that covered bridge. I love the framed look of that knothole. And, the reflection under the bridge. I’d love to go there in every season, just to see what it looks like year round.

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