Cat on My Lap

Pink is my favorite color, but sitting out here at my pool this morning, I’m actually leaning towards blue.

pool blue
summer blue

The weather finally warmed up, so yesterday our pool was full of swimmers. It’s a bit early for swimmers today, so right now, there’s just a cat on my lap.

this is Squealer the cat

Hope you have a great Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Cat on My Lap

    • Hi. When we bought the pool we had 3 colors to choose from. A deep blue, a light blue, and this one, sand. I’m so happy we went with the sand color. It makes the water a Caribbean color almost and the suns rays make such gorgeous patterns in the water. So pretty. You know, we get some visitors, but not as many as I thought we would. But, we live near a clear floating river, so most people around here (friends included) go to the river to swim. Hopefully when I make your cake in a couple weeks, we have a bunch! Thank you for your comments! 💗


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