Missing My Momma

I’m making art today and the tears stream.

If you knew my momma, you know what a creative person she was.

There wasn’t any kind of art or craft she wouldn’t/ didn’t try. And, she nailed them all. Painting, sewing, gardening, jewelry making, crotchet, the list is long.

Yesterday was the three month mark of her passing, it’s still hard to believe that she did. I’m guessing if you’ve lost your momma, you think of her every single day, too.

Last week was pretty weepy- every song I heard was something she loved. James Taylor and the like. Today, as I am making a sweet piece of art for a friend, it’s Fleetwood Mac’s ’Gypsy’ that started the memory wave.

Parts of my life have been hard. I went through some rough stuff here and there, but nothing compares to the missing of my momma.

If she was still here and I wrote a post about how I was missing somebody else, she’d write a short, sweet comment and write, ”Love, Mom.” She was generous like that.

Thanks for reading.

Jessica ❤️

some rose in MO


13 thoughts on “Missing My Momma

    • Thank you for the warm hug. Accepted. Thank you, today is less teary. Yesterday was a doozy. Hope you have a wonderful day. I appreciate you reading such a sappy post. ❤️


    • Thank you for the hugs. Yesterday was tough. So real and raw. Feels like the longer she’s gone, the more real it becomes. Love what you said. I only know one way to write- heart on sleeve. Thank you for your kindness.

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  1. I love reading about your Momma and wish I could be there to hold you tight! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings, and love. Nothing can take the place of our precious Momma’s.

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    • I was hoping you were going to read. ❤️❤️❤️Wish you were here, too. She loved you so. It was YOU she wanted with her/us at the hospital. Things have been a lot better. In the beginning, it was constant crying. That smoothed out. Last week, the weekend, and today- lots of tears. I feel for you as well. I loved your momma, too.


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