Sometimes It’s Jewelry

Jewelry is kind of generational thing for me. My grandma was in a ’jewelry of the month’ club. I thought that was cool, so a couple of years ago for Christmas, I signed my momma up for a ’bracelet of the month’ club.

Oh my goodness, did my momma love jewelry. She had stands full of gorgeous necklaces and bracelets and jewelry boxes filled to the brim with beautiful pieces.

If you’ve seen my other blog, you know that jewelry is pretty much my thing. Her love of it was for wearing. Mine is of taking it apart and making something unique with it. Though I do love wearing it, too.

When she was in the hospital in Lincoln, we stopped by a shop on our way there. I purchased four green agate bracelets with a star that were titled, ”Unexpected Miracles” and three rose quartz bracelets representing love.

I split them between my momma, me, my sisters, and my nieces. My momma and I got the miracle ones.

We were comforted by the thought of miracles, in a day filled with crappy possible diagnoses and an up in the air future. She put her “Unexpected Miracles” bracelet on and I did, too.

Things did not go as any of us had hoped and prayed for. And, in the days immediately following her passing, that miracles bracelet was practically glued to my wrist. I wouldn’t take it off.

A few days went by and I started looking online to see if there was such a thing as a bracelet for grief. Luckily, something perfect for me showed up. I want to share it with you today in case you or someone you know has grief hanging out by the garden gate.

When I found the shop, I ordered right away. The one I chose is called The Healing Grief Mala bracelet, and I tell you what, it has been a blessing in ways I can’t quite explain.

The colors are very calming and the stones and wood each have specific meaning. I wore it for a solid month, every single day.

The Healing Grief mala from The Meaningful Mala

I ordered one for my sisters. Another loved one was struggling, so I handed her mine. Then, I ordered another one for me.

The grief has eased up a bit most days, they say the shock lessens some, and I’m finding out that is true. I haven’t been wearing my grief bracelet like I did in the beginning.

On the tough days, though, when tears suddenly roll, I reach for it and put it on. I’ve been wearing it a lot this week.

It’s funny, the different things that bring us comfort in the days of loss. Sometimes it’s flowers or seeing an item they loved. Sometimes it’s a song or a picture. Sometimes it’s a card they sent or a message they left. And, sometimes, it’s jewelry.

Her shop is called The Meaningful Mala and the link is:

(There’s no commission for me- I’m just sharing to share.)

Hope your day is lovely,


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12 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Jewelry

    • Hi. You are a sweetheart. I love that you have those. After my grandma had been gone awhile, grandpa let us pick a piece of her jewelry. I picked a ring, a costume ring. My momma’s jewelry is still where she left it, I am sure it will be there a long time. I love to look at it when I am at their house. So many beautiful things that she loved. I love what you said about hold close for comfort. Yes, that!!!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! My husband isn’t in to jewelry, but he does have a few religious medals that he keeps close by at all times. When an emergency room visit last Summer resulted in him being admitted to the hospital, he asked me to bring him the supplies he needed. But what he specifically asked for was his St. Christopher medal, the “lucky” silver dollar his father gave him and the rest of his collection. It was a great comfort to him while he was in the hospital and helped him deal. I’m glad you’ve found the grief bracelets to help you cope and still wear them when you need them. It really helps!

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    • Oh my gosh, I LOVE that he has those. Goosebumps!! Even though his isn’t jewelry, he has something that has a comfort connection. Faith and strength just came to mind, these things that we connect to. Love the “lucky” silver dollar his father gave him. How sweet is that?

      Thank you- I feel blessed that I found them. The grief one is easier to wear right now, I can’t even get the miracle one out of the bag right now. I love it so much because mom and I wore them at the same time and she loved hers, but the miracle part is hard. It doesn’t make sense~ not the miracles I wanted anyway… So, the grief bracelet has been uplifting in a way. I just ordered another one from her yesterday. It’s called: Love More. It’s made of pink love sort of stones, supporting the heart. Wearing them both at the same time will hopefully allow grief while still loving and carrying forward.

      I really appreciate that you told me about your husband’s items. It cements how helpful mine are. Thank you so much!

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  2. Very special finding those bracelets and sharing with the women in your life. A friend gifted me with a special bracelet when I lost my son and it gave me so much strength and comfort…I gave it to another friend later on when she lost her son…I am so sorry for your loss, but your mutual love for jewelry will keep her close to your heart always.

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    • Hi- I didn’t know you lost your son. Hugs for that. Isn’t it amazing how a bracelet, (a bracelet!) can provide such an anchor, almost, during loss. I LOVE that you gifted yours to your friend who had a loss.

      My unexpected miracles bracelet is safely tucked into the little bag I also bought her that day- she wanted chapsticks, so I bought the bag, chapsticks, and bracelets.

      Thank you so very much- these type of losses, whew, they are big. Parent loss right now is not something I even imagined. People keep saying to me, “I can’t imagine.” Yesssssss, exactly that. There is no imagining this. Love what you said about our mutual love for jewelry. Absolutely love that- thank you.


  3. I think it’s very cool that you’ve taken your love of jewelry in a different direction from the women in your life who loved it. Yet, you’re still connected through that love of, not only jewelry, but of the women themselves.

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