Rookie Bowler

I rarely write two posts in one day, but this is itching to come out.

Last night at bowling, it went great. My stance was solid. My gutter balls improved. My scored increased. And not once, did I feel like crying.

It just felt better all the way around. Am I pro? Heck no. Does that matter? Absolutely not.

I wrote a post this morning about finding my way. What I realized all the sudden, is that we all are, finding our way.

For a week, I’ve been practicing my bowling stance and steps in hopes that I would somehow skip ‘beginning bowler’ and just be a ‘great bowler.’

That’s fine. But, I see now that there’s a place for the beginner and in the middle-r, too. Same with grief. Some may be in the beginning, some, like me, may be in the middle.

The cool thing about that? There’s room for everyone, wherever we are.

I realized something else. If I was somehow an instantly awesome bowler in one week’s time, I would really miss out on some really amazing stuff.

We are bowling at a new to us bowling alley and don’t know anyone. Everyone there is really good at bowling. I am essentially the rookie. I get last place every week.

But, you know what? Almost everyone in that place has offered me kind words and bowling advice. Heck, last night, someone even brought some bowling shoes from home and gave them to me.

I’m learning. They’re teaching. And that rookie thing? It’s just an ice breaker. If I walked into a new place and was an excellent bowler, there’d probably still be stuff to talk about, but people like to help people, you know?

Same here, on this blog. I write about loss, you extend your hands.

Pretty cool.

Thank you.


a flower in my field

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15 thoughts on “Rookie Bowler

  1. I love your writing on this topic and your comparison. Yes, we are all finding our way in life and here for others. So cool that you can put this into perspective for us. Keep doing what you do whenever you feel like writing. I love it.

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    • Hello, Sunshine!! So happy to see your name here. Thank you for your words! I’ve had some serious writer’s block recently. Just stuck in writing to carry forward. Wrote one post yesterday, then this was like, “write this RIGHT now!” The lessons are showing up here and there. Which I like. I appreciate that you read and commented. Thank you.


  2. I think that is a really great point – if you went from beginner to expert – you would miss out on some pretty cool stuff! We are still really new at Pickleball. If we aren’t in last place, we are probably in second last place. But we are meeting people, learning tips, and practicing our skills. And getting exercise. We have invited other newbies to join us, and since we are not intimidating, they do! Great points, Jessica!


    • Back to comment- was out yesterday at a school event. I love what you said here about Pickelball.

      I was feeling pretty crummy about having the last place scores at bowling, and I think it stems from high school track. They made me run the 2 mile. I hated it- didn’t want to run it, but they’re argument was, “you have long legs…” Every track meet but one I got LAST place. The one that I got 2nd to last, I felt like such a winner!!! Someone else got last, woo hoo. Ha ha. Being last all the time back then wasn’t really a confidence booster because I knew going in, I would be last.

      I see now though that being last does have its place. I didn’t see the lessons back then, but looking back I see what a super star I was!!! I ran 2 dang miles!! And, finished! And, never quit. Maybe that’s part of the reason I never quit things. Being last definitely has its place- maybe there’s a lesson in this bowling thing down the line, like the track thing. Maybe it’s building character or something.

      Love what you said about meeting, learning, practicing, and exercise. Yes!! I especially love the inviting part. Inviting someone to be new- there’s such a grace in that!!!

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      • I could never – even when I was young – run two miles! Never! I’d get that side stitch thing and quit! I tried and could maybe run about two blocks. Ha Ha. So, good for you – for running and not quitting!

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        • Oh my gosh, I forgot about that side stitch thing!! Haven’t had that in a long time, ha ha. Maybe I ought to start running again so I could get one!! Two blocks is funny! I’d be really excited if I could run two blocks now!!!


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