Noticing Miracles and Gratitude Challenge

It’s my 7 year blog anniversary, so I’ve been looking through older posts. Man, I’ve got some cool stuff on this blog!

Lots and lots of beautiful nature photos and pictures of places we’ve gone to. We have been to some amazing places.

Two posts in particular caught my eye. One is on noticing miracles and the other is about a gratitude experiment I did once.

I used to do a lot of writing about miracles and lately I’ve had my blinders on a bit in the noticing them part. Grief clouds up many things, it seems.

If you’re in loss/grief, you’ll probably understand.

I decided I’m going to do a completely-made-up-by-me, 22 day Noticing Miracles and Gratitude Challenge based off of those 2 posts.


Why 22 days? It’s my favorite number and it sounds more doable than 30 days. Ha ha.

The premise of The Grateful Brain was something I’d read about how noticing 3 things that we’re grateful for a day for 21 days can help the brain.

Daily, I hope to:

  • list 3 things I’m grateful for
  • post 2 ‘noticing miracle’ pictures per day

My momma LOVED my photos. At the hospital even, she introduced me to the nurse, by saying I am a photographer.

I loved that so much. Sometimes I forget that taking pictures is one of the things that I was born to do.

Feel free to join me in this challenge. A notebook for ‘gratefuls’ and a phone camera will work just fine.

The miracle photos are whatever you feel is a miracle. Maybe it’s your dog, or something you see on a walk, or the clouds, or leaves changing, or a craft you made.

Whatever feels like a miracle to you.

I’m starting today.

Thanks for reading.


my momma commented on
my miracle post in 2018

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** all writing and photos are mine

14 thoughts on “Noticing Miracles and Gratitude Challenge

    • Thank you. After I wrote the post and published it, I reread it. When I saw what she wrote, my old instinct kicked in and I got excited to see a note from her. Then I realized it was the picture I added. ❤️


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