Miracles and Gratitude Day 2


  1. I am absolutely, totally, and completely grateful for my dad!!!!!

He and mom were married 55 years when she passed in March 2022. I’m just SO thankful that I still have my dad. My boy and I are going to see him on Thursday. He lives 8 hours from us.

2. Washer and dryer

Can you imagine having to wash clothes in a creek every single day???

3. Leftovers

My husband made shrimp stir fry on the grill yesterday, so no cooking for me today!


Eyesight that sees color!

a glorious yellow
a sweet purple

I walked 22 more driveway laps this morning and went back out in the pasture. The yellows and purples are so pretty right now.

Please join in, if you’d like. I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for and what miracles are showing up for you.

Hope you have a great Monday!


P.S. I’ve only gotten a few chigger bites so far! Woo hoo!

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** all writing and photos are mine

19 thoughts on “Miracles and Gratitude Day 2

  1. I am grateful for my health as my mom had many medical issues, so I learned at an early age to feel blessed that I had no physical problems. I am grateful for the circle of friends I have met here at WordPress since my friends I’ve known through the years have sort of slipped away or we now have separate interests. Fellow bloggers feel like family to me. I hope you had a safe trip to your dad’s today. I am a few days behind again.

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    • Hi Linda, I love what you said. Being grateful for health is a wonderful thing to be. I also love that you mentioned your circle of friends on WordPress. Family is family. I’m so happy for you. Thank you. We made it here, it was a nice day to drive. Not much traffic and beautiful weather.

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      • Health is important Jessica – the richest people in the world often don’t have good health, so I feel blessed. We have a billionaire here in Detroit named Dan Gilbert. He owns the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team and Rocket Mortage, PLUS he owns half of the buildings in Detroit. But his son who now attends university was born with a genetic disease wherein he has tumors on his brain that caused sight loss. He has 25% sight in one eye, no sight in the other. Dan Gilbert himself, suffered a major stroke three years ago at age 57 and even with a long hospital stay and extensive physical therapy has delegated much of running his businesses to others … people think moneys buys happiness … perhaps, but it cannot buy you good health.

        I am grateful for my WordPress family. Since I work from home and actually I have not seen my boss since October 2012 and with no family, I really do feel like you all are family member.

        Glad you had good weather for your drive. Here in SE Michigan we’ve had some cold, but clear weather this week and nice weekend weather coming, compared to what others are dealing with thanks to Hurricane Ian. Safe travels home as well Jessica.


    • Ooooo!! I LOVE your cabana. I remember the picture with the lights. So pretty. Love the part about your husband and family. How long have you been married? 23 years for us and we dated 4 years before that!


  2. 55 years married is a wonderful accomplishment and legacy. Have a safe trip to see your dad!
    Love the yellow and purple flowers! Grateful for: 1) COE campgrounds, especially Dam West because that is the one we are visiting right now. 2) My daughter wants me to visit in late October! We will have a mother/daughter weekend. She lives in D.C. I booked my flight about 5 minutes after she told me the dates. and 3) Pork Steaks. I hear these are only available in the St. Louis area. Dan doesn’t care so much for them, but tomorrow on the grill, I will make a pork steak and a chicken breast for him. I don’t eat them very often. Let’s see. 2 miracles: Trees. They give us shade and a breeze. Plus, they are beautiful. and #2 miracle. Hmm. The stars. We attended a concert in our neighborhood last night. I looked up and saw the stars. It was a beautiful night. When you think about it, the miracles are grateful items, too!

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    • Hi. You’re in a campground right now? Didn’t know that. I haven’t heard of COE campgrounds. That’s awesome that you get to go see your daughter! Pork steaks- oh my!! My husband loves pork steaks!!

      A concert and stars sounds amazing. Last night we saw this train looking thing so across the sky so fast. It looked like Santa Clause. Turns out it was satellites launched from Florida the day before. And, trees certainly are miracles.

      Good point! Miracles certainly are grateful items. And, vice versa. Love that. Thank you for joining in!

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      • When we were in Michigan, sitting at a campfire, we saw Starlink go by. I didn’t know what it was, but my son did. It was amazing to see. I can remember, sitting at a Michigan campfire with my dad, and he would point out a satellite that went by every night at 11 pm. To me, it’s amazing to see them. Think of all the technology, engineering, and knowledge to make that happen! Santa Claus is a whole ‘nother miracle, too! Enjoy your day!

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