Miracles and Gratitude Day 3


  1. being on a bowling team
  2. a really great bowling alley to bowl at
  3. a scenic drive to the bowling alley- 110 miles round trip

My dad, who lives 8 hours from me, has bowled on Thursday league nights for over 40 years. Love that! My husband has bowled leagues for 9 years. This is my first league. I am really enjoying it.

Miracle photos:

Miracle number 1:

Having a bowling team to give gifts to! Aren’t these cool? I ordered these from Etsy for our team and my husband’s men’s team.

team bowling towels I ordered

Miracle number 2:

I bought new bowling shoes for me, but they’re too tight. So, I was renting shoes. One of the bowlers brought me these shoes from home! How kind! They fit and worked really well!

a bowling shoe gift I got

How about you? Seeing any miracles you’d like to share? What 3 things are you grateful for today?

We’re leaving for the bowling alley in about half an hour. Time to have go some fun!

Thank you for reading!


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** all writing and photos are mine

12 thoughts on “Miracles and Gratitude Day 3

  1. Ah, I’m all caught up on e-mails, which is how I get your blog notifications. (I sent you a snail mail letter today). Gratitude: 1. Having a pen pal; 2. Our air conditioner that works (after not working for a while); 3. For my aunt who saved a porcelain figurine that her mother (my grandmother) kept on her dresser from the 1930s. Now I have it on my dresser.

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  2. It was very kind of someone to give you those bowling shoes, and you were very kind to give everyone those towels! Gratitude: 1) There is a free little library at the campground which is really great as I forgot my book at home somehow! 2) Not only is there a free little library, but this one had two of my favorite authors. There were several books I could have chosen, but I only took one. 3) I am glad to have an electric bike. We enjoy bike riding today. Miracles: 1) Squirrels. I saw two squirrels chasing each other and having fun. 2) The golden hour each day. I love the soft light! Good luck bowling!

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    • Hi. Thank you. I couldn’t believe those shoes fit so well. Thank you- the team liked their towels. I love that there is a free library and that it had two of your favorite authors! That’d pretty amazing! An electric bike sounds really neat. I’ve never ridden one. Love your miracles, too. Nature is a wonderful thing. Thank you, bowling went very well. My score improved by 15-18 pins!

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