Miracles and Gratitude Day 6


  • seeing my dad
  • doing an Iowa puzzle with my dad
  • hanging out with my dad

Miracle Photos:

garden areas my momma loved

our garden gate
our old pump
a butterfly lantern

Puzzle time!

Iowa puzzle we’re working on

This morning we are off on some yard sale adventures. Today, there’s a highway 136 yard sale across a part of Nebraska called the Trail of Treasures. My parent’s house is near the starting town, so we may go.

Hope you have a great Saturday.


14 thoughts on “Miracles and Gratitude Day 6

  1. My mom loved doing jigsaw puzzles and I have saved a lot of the ones she did to do myself when retired. There are also puzzles she didn’t get a chance to do, so I don’t think I will be bored when I finally retire.


    • Aww!! I love that your mom did puzzles, too. My mom LOVED puzzles!!! Love that you kept them. I may try to do that as well. What a great idea. I’ve bought my parents a lot of puzzles. One year over the winter, I sent one every few weeks.

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      • I always wanted to ensure my mom didn’t run out of puzzles, so I used to have her pick them from “Bits and Pieces” and also “White Mountain Puzzles” – we got their catalogs at the house and also bought them at the Hallmark store. Some of them I didn’t keep as they looked to be very difficult, so I kept the most-colorful ones mostly. My mom also enjoyed the Charles Wysocki old-time prints. We used to buy them at Toys-R-Us. Quaint little village scenes – I have kept some of those as well.


    • Hi sweet one! You are sweet, you know! Thank you so much. Doing these posts is helping remember and see miracles in places I forgot about. I’m finding myself walking around and saying, “miracle-miracle” at things I notice. Love what you said. “No matter what the circumstances.” It’s been a rough-lots-of-crying 6 months. To still have gratitude and notice miracles is quite something!

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  2. That is some puzzle! Love the garden pictures. My favorite is the garden gate. :) The Trail of Treasures sounds fun. Good luck yard sale-ing. I bet you can find some treasures for your artwork. Gratitude: 1) The electric mattress in our Travel Trailer keeps us warm. 2) Our electric fireplace at home – takes the chill off. 3) Having things to look forward to – like going to Dallas in November. and Miracles: 1) Reflections in the lake and 2) Seeing herons. Have a great day, Jessica!

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    • Hi Betty. Thank you, I’m sitting in front of that puzzle right now. Made some progress, but not much. Ha ha. The garage sales were fun. I did get some art stuff that I hope to use in the craft show next week. Thank you, I love that gate, too. It doesn’t go anywhere, which makes it even better, ha.

      What’s an electric mattress? A fireplace sounds wonderful. Are you going to Dallas for Thanksgiving? Or just a November trip? I hope your son is doing ok.

      Oooo, I love water reflections. So pretty. Herons are beautiful, too.

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      • Hi Jessica. Our mattress in our travel trailer is wired for heat, like an electric blanket. It’s really cozy when it is chilly or cold outside. And it saves on using propane. We are going to Dallas for the first 2 weeks in November. We are extending our camping season by two weeks. As soon as we get home, we will have our camper winterized. Somehow not camping for 4 1/2 months sounds much better than not camping for 5 months. :) Hope you have a great Sunday!


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