Miracles and Gratitude Day 10


  • having a truck that will get us down Forest Service roads that are steep and bumpy
  • natural springs
  • turning leaves
  • waterfalls
  • history
  • a fun afternoon stop with my son

On the way home from my dad’s, we stopped at a place I love. We hadn’t been there since we took my parents to see it, four years ago. My gosh, it was so good to go back.

It’s called Falling Springs and I’ve written about it before. It’s nine miles south of Winona, Missouri, on highway 19, then off on some old rickety rock road.

off of highway 19, south of Winona

There are a lot of natural springs around here and they are all absolutely stunning. This one is pretty unique because there’s an old log cabin homestead there, too.

log cabin at Falling Springs,
near Winona Missouri

It’s very peaceful there. Some people came, but after they left, we had the place to ourselves.

I was reminded about why I love photography so much. Varying where we stand, can completely change the picture.

For instance, this first photograph is from the front of the mill’s water wheel. The second one, is from the back of the mill.


Two cool pictures of the same thing.

water wheel at Falling Springs
from the front of the mill
Falling Springs mill’s water wheel
from the back of the mill

Miracle photos:

One of my favorite pictures for the day~

photo I took at Falling Springs
near Winona MO

And, the waterfall. It’s stunning.

waterfall at Falling Springs near Winona, MO


Thank you for reading.


@ COPYRIGHT 2022 Unmeasured Journeys

** all photos and writing are mine

22 thoughts on “Miracles and Gratitude Day 10

    • Hi. Thank you. That waterfall is really cool because you can’t see it from the parking lot or even when crossing the bridge to the mill. It’s directly behind the mill, sort of hidden, until walking around the building. The water is absolutely sooooooooo clear. Such an amazing thing to see. Thank you for commenting. Hope you have a great day!


      • You know in my home town there are a lot of waterfalls and the water flow every day with same cool and calm flow , the whole year and watching the water flow and touch every thing in its path feels so amazing , yes so I can really relate to what you have experienced. Waterfalls always reminds me that nothing can stop me from getting to my best and I should never care about the obstacles in my path because I’m stronger than them .


  1. This place looks great! A hidden gem. I am going to file this in the back of my mind should we ever go to Echo Bluff again. It feels like a piece of history that is still there and can be explored. Love the pictures, too. Thanks for your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Betty, oh, I hope you go here sometime. I think you’ll love it. On the road going in, there’s an old cemetery. Across from it is a stone that says ‘3 Unknown Soldiers.’ It’s pretty cool to see. I’m going to post pictures today of that log cabin. Hope you’re having a great morning.

      Liked by 1 person

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