Miracles and Gratitude Day 9


  • pretty days to drive
  • 2 lane country highways
  • a day with my boy

Yesterday, we finished the second half of our trip home from my dad’s. We took country roads a lot of the way and saw some old buildings and tiny towns. Love that.

a stately building with a wagon in some town
care for a sit?

At an intersection, I saw this sign on a building and laughed. I asked my son if there’s a store where we can get A’s too. Ha ha.

‘N’ store in the country that we saw

Miracle photos:

I had my highest game ever bowling last night!!! I got a 123! A few weeks ago, I had a 49.

my highest score ever!

I also broke a 100.

scored 100+

What miracles are you seeing? Noticing any big or small ones? Feel free to share, if you’d like. I love reading them. Thank you.



** all photos and writing are mine

13 thoughts on “Miracles and Gratitude Day 9

  1. I love drives out in the country. I had one the week before last. If you can get past all the road kill, the roadside stands featuring fresh produce, “put-up preserves” and bunches of sunflowers or wildflowers, is relaxing and a perfect way to enjoy an early Fall day.


  2. You are doing better and better in bowling! Gratitude: 1) I am grateful for the Pickleball courts right here in our neighborhood, and I am glad two friends of ours want to start playing Pickleball. We played with them this morning. 2) Gratitude for the idea of how we can be a blessing to someone, and them to us. 3) For the workers who take care of my mom. They have a hard job. They work hard, and I appreciate it. Miracles: 1) We won one match in Pickleball Tuesday night. Ha ha. and 2) The leaves are starting to turn colors.


    • Yay for friends and Pickleball! That’s great that they want to play! And, that you won! I LOVE your number 2. Very true. And, the workers who take care of your mom- that’s a wonderful thing to be grateful for. And, a great blessing to remember. Thank you for that. The leaves are turning a bit yellow, your color! So pretty!

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