On Seeing Miracles

Looky here, we’re half way through this 22 day challenge. So far, I have found that noticing more miracles has helped me see more miracles.

Does that mean they magically appear?

I don’t think so. For me, it’s like there are these amazing miracles all around:

  • Sunsets
  • rainbows
  • a cat laying in the sun
  • a spider perfectly positioned on a web
  • an entire street full of green lights
  • seeing friends on some random Thursday night when schedules are jam packed
  • the store having bottled water after months of not having it
  • the moon
  • a reflection on the pond
  • deer tracks in the backyard
  • wildflowers
  • having dinners with my husband (he works a lot of hours)
  • a letter from a pen pal
  • jewelry for art that’s suddenly on sale
  • food in the freezer
  • getting invited to supper with a friend I haven’t seen in months
  • golfing with my dad on a Monday (we live 8 hours apart)

Do I notice them as miracles all-the-time? Um no.

Does that make them any less miraculous? Not really.

What seems mundane from on perspective, can completely change when looking at it from another.

For instance, there are sunsets most days, so what’s the big deal?

Well, for one, it’s pretty darn awesome that our eyes allow us to see sunsets! On top of that? Our eyes can let us see all the colors in that sunset!

Eyes + colors + sunset = miracles

How cool is that?

I’m excited about 11 more days of gratitude and noticing. Hope you’ll join in, too.

Thank you for being here!


golf tees in my pocket after
golfing with my dad, now they’re souvenirs

13 thoughts on “On Seeing Miracles

  1. The tees in your pocket remind of doing my family’s wash. There were always tees in the boys’ pockets. :)
    The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both. –Proverbs 20:12 :)


  2. This post reminds of the saying – something like – Some act like nothing is a miracle, and others act like everything is a miracle. I know which camp I want to be in! Thanks for reminding me that our eyes are miracles, too! Have a miraculous day! :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s very sweet. Thank you. Mom loved my miracle posts. Figured I’ll just keep carrying on with finding miracles. Trying to navigate through this year has been difficult at best. Miracles help! Hope you have a great day!


      • She would be so proud of your desire to continue writing! She TRULY DID LOVE your expressed emotions and how you see the world.

        I think of you guys and Diane every single day as I know how difficult this is for you. Your Mom is a beautiful soul that touched my heart forever. She lives on for me IN my heart and mind.

        I love you sweetie and am here for you. ❤️🌹❤️

        Sent from my iPhone – 😎 Linda Osborne



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