Miracles and Gratitude Day 16

You guys!!!

I got to meet a blogger in real life!

On Thursday, October 13, 2022, my son and I got to meet Betty who has, https://chambersontheroad.com, and her husband Dan.

How cool is that?

We met at a cute cafe not far from their campsite, an hour north of our house. When we walked into the restaurant, it was like coming home.

We were met with smiles and gifts. They bought our lunch. We ate, laughed, told stories, and laughed some more.

Afterwards, we met at their campsite. I thought we’d maybe stay an hour. We stayed four! We played games, went for walks, took nature photos, and told more stories.

It was a really great day!


  • that I found Betty’s blog months ago on a search for camping/ hiking blogs
  • that through writing/reading each other’s posts, it made the awkwardness of meeting someone new not as awkward
  • for the sunny, but windy, afternoon
  • for Dan’s help playing Yahtzee
  • for learning to play Rummikub- it’s really fun
  • for walking around the campsite and seeing Halloween decorations other campers had out
  • for their hospitality
  • for hearing about driving adventures, the Million Mile Van, movie stars, and the 300 game
  • Betty’s yellow shirt
  • that our jackets almost matched
  • for hugs and pictures at the end

Miracle photos:

some brilliant orange stuff growing
on a tree that we saw on a walk
trees reflecting on a bridge history sign
we saw on our walk

If Dan and Betty happen to read this, thank you for a wonderful day! We really enjoyed it!

If you like reading about camping, Pickleball, cast iron fried donuts, recipes, and other adventures, maybe have a look at Betty’s blog, it’s really great!

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a sunny Saturday!


© COPYRIGHT 2022 Unmeasured Journeys

** all writing and photography were done by me

12 thoughts on “Miracles and Gratitude Day 16

  1. Thank you, Jessica! It was great meeting you and your son. We appreciate that you drove an hour (one way) to meet us. We couldn’t believe how fast the day went by; it was so fun. I love the pictures you chose, especially the one of the tree with the orange stuff. We rode that trail several times, and I never noticed that tree. But it was so cool! We love camping at Greenville and plan to return next year. I hope we can meet again and play more Yahtzee and Rummikub and all the rest! Thank you again for this very kind post. But you know what the very best part is – I have found a new friend – you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Friends for life!!

      It did go by fast, but it was one of those days where each moment was the exact perfect amount. Things just flowed. It was really nice! It was totally worth the drive. Would do it again and even farther if it meant we could have a repeat of a wonderful day! Next time you’re back at Greenville, maybe we can visit again. We’d love that. Maybe my husband could come, too. He’d love to hear Dan’s stories of good samaritans on icy days and Frank Sinatra!

      Thank you for buying our lunch and for the jewelry! So sweet!

      Liked by 1 person

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