Miracles and Gratitude Day Whatever it is

My 22 day Miracles and Gratitude Challenge stalled around Day 19. It’s not that I haven’t seen any miracles or that I gave up being grateful. It just became more of an inner noticing.

Grief rears up sometimes when we’re trying our hardest to close the door and push it away. Bingo. My logic in doing this challenge?

Count miracles + be grateful =

Well, I don’t know what it equals. I just know I didn’t make it 22 days in a row of posting. Sometimes it seems like our best intentions don’t always add up or go as planned. So, I’m starting on whatever day it is. This day.


  • pumpkin patch
  • my son
  • sunflowers

Miracle photos:

We just left the pumpkin patch. We had a great time playing games, miniature golfing, seeing animals, hayride, slides, basketball hoops, and getting pumpkins. I even got to go into a sea of sunflowers. Love flowers so much!

pumpkin patch in Arkansas
sunflower field at pumpkin patch
bee time
opening up
sunflowers in Arkansas

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it.


©️ COPYRIGHT 2022 Unmeasured Journeys

** all writing and photographs by me

22 thoughts on “Miracles and Gratitude Day Whatever it is

  1. Love the stone turtle, sunflower shots and the busy bee – all are good examples of Fall which I miss already even though we are slated for 74 degrees on Saturday for the 5th of November … almost unheard of in SE Michigan.


    • Hi!! That’s a good point. Some days gratitude can be there, but it doesn’t need to be/have to be announced. Or, like you said about force, that would yank the authentic right out of it. Love what you said about gratitude coming back. That’s a good lesson for me, thank you,

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  2. Beautiful sunflowers. I remember starting a “gratitude journal” years ago but stalled as you said after about a week. I certainly had moments to be grateful for, but the actual exercise of writing it down became trivial and trite it seemed. I was aware at the end of the day the things I knew were important, to be thankful for and now I find when something happens, as simple as the sun being out and the sky being blue or a call from a friend, I acknowledge to myself “thank you for that” As the person above wrote, it is taking notice of the things that happen. <3

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    • Hi Lisa, oh I love that sooooooo much. The acknowledging with a “thank you for that.” Maybe I’ll try that. I understand what you said about the journaling- I never can stick with gratitude journals very long. Love your word choice, ‘trite.’ Exactly that!


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