The Bookcase


  • a warm day
  • working outside
  • reflections on the window
  • my parents’ old bookcase they gave me long ago
  • unboxing wonderful things

I’m standing in my dining room, looking out the window. It’s night and the way the kitchen light is angled, I can see things on the counter, even with my back to the kitchen. The cookie jar, bananas, apples, and chicken art are visible from here.

This afternoon, the front porch rails, bannisters, and I became friends. Some green muck tends to grow on them, creating layers of crusty looking junk. It may be caused by summer’s humidity, I suppose. Well, after walking by them for about the billionth time, I went inside and got a sponge.

An hour later, I had done some good work. My friend tells me that her gramma had a saying about work, that hard work is good work.

It sure is.

My other bit of good, hard work came from me moving a big, wooden bookcase from the garage to the dining room. It took up residence in the garage after we unloaded it from the moving truck four years ago. For whatever reason, it stayed there.

But, suddenly, in April, I wanted it in here! My momma passed away out of the blue on the last Sunday in March. I wanted it in here so I could see it every day and fill it with all the things she’s given me and my collectibles through the years.

That was seven months ago and never got moved inside…

Until now.

My momma was a “get things done-er.” My dad worked a lot of hours supporting a family of six, so if she wanted/needed things done, She did it. If she didn’t know how, she learned.


Like my dad, my husband works a lot of hours supporting our family of three. I could’ve waited until he got home, but I thought I could do it myself.

I didn’t quite know how to get the bookcase in the house, so I just started. With a little ingenuity and some luck, that beautiful treasure holder is now in my dining room.

I spent the evening unpacking glassware, vases, Depression glass, leaves and acorns my boy gave me when he was five, and gifts from my momma.

Those things?

They’ve been packed up in tubs for four years, too.

What a joy it is to see them again.

Thanks for being here.


treasures in my bookcase
love this vase from my momma
my bookcase



16 thoughts on “The Bookcase

    • Hi! Welcome! Thank you for being here. Thank you. I bet they will. There is such a comfort in having and seeing my momma’s things she gave me. Not just the items, but the stories that go with them are especially heart-filling. ❤️

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    • Hi Ann,
      Thank you, she was definitely good at getting things done. When I had the bookcase up the 3rd step on my front porch, I stopped and laughed out loud. My mom totally would’ve done the same sort of thing. It was a “cheers to you mom” moment. Ha. I got that thing up 4 brick steps, across the porch, and up 2 more, then in the front door! Miracles for sure!

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  1. Jessica, that is a beautiful bookcase! Good for you for bringing it in. Such nice treasures in it, too. I have a vase with roses on the base, too – from my mom. And I wonder if that blue pottery is a Van Briggle. My parents had some of that. Even if not a Van Briggle, it sure is pretty. I have a corner in our eating area. I have a cheap bookshelf there and display some things. However, I have more I want to display. I wasn’t sure what type of piece to put there. I am going to keep an eye out for a similar bookcase. It is such a joy to have such meaningful and pretty pieces. When we have to do things ourselves, it can be so satisfying!

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    • Hi. I just found your comment in the Trash part of the comments section! So weird! There was another one of your comments there, too! So, I’m sorry for the late reply. I just looked at comments and saw them there…

      I’m not sure about that blue pottery. I *think* mark on the bottom says 126 USA Cal Orig. 219. But, it could be 12 G. I do know that someone gave it to my parents for a wedding gift. They were married April 14, 1967. It is the most beautiful greenish blue with like silver glitter looking stuff.

      My husband and I used to have a lake cabin that my mom LOVED going to. She brought down all her extra dishes, pots and pans, silverware, utensils, etc to fill up our laje house kitchen. This bowl was in the stuff she brought.

      I think you’re right about doing things ourselves. I was so proud of myself for moving that bookcase in. I hope you find a wonderful piece for your treasures. I’m on the lookout for another piece of furniture for my depression glass. I love that your mom gave you a vase with roses on the base. Oh, vases are so pretty!

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