Two Beaches


  • Saturdays
  • hiking
  • time with my son
  • Missouri beaches
  • adventures on untraveled roads
  • small towns
  • Clearwater Lake
  • nature time

Yesterday my husband had a bowling tournament, so my son and I dropped him off at the bowling alley where we have our league on Tuesday nights.

Because the bowling alley is 55 miles from home, that opened us up for some new nature adventures.

Some new-to-us highways, streets, and gravel roads filled our afternoon with lake views, hiking trails, the dam spillway, and two beaches.

My, how I love Missouri. The backroads lead to some amazing sights, but so do the ones made of pavement.

I just love nature, don’t you?


beach number one, Bluff View
the first beach we saw, Bluff View
a trail sign
trail sign by where we went in
the spillway by the trails
saw these picnic tables at the spillway
a stone table in a campsite
the trail bridge was closed for a hunting event, next time we can see where it goes
nice view
beach number two
second beach of the day



22 thoughts on “Two Beaches

  1. Wow, what a great adventure you had! I love how you were able to explore new places and make the most of your time. I especially appreciate the photos you shared, they really give a sense of the beauty you encountered on your hike.

    As a fellow nature lover, I can relate to your appreciation for the Missouri backroads. It’s amazing how these lesser-known places can offer such breathtaking sights and experiences. I’ve been wanting to visit the beaches in Missouri for a while now, and your post has definitely added to my bucket list!

    Thanks for sharing your story and the valuable information about the two beaches. It’s so helpful to know about the trail signs, picnic tables, and the spillway. I’ll definitely keep this in mind when I plan my next trip.

    Keep sharing your amazing adventures and I look forward to more posts from you!

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  2. Beautiful pictures! Missouri has some awesome places. I’ll have to research more about Clearwater Lake. I see bike trails. :) It is great that you are out there enjoying nature. It is good for us in so many ways!

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    • Hi Betty. I think you’re right about nature. It’s definitely doing my heart and soul good. Healing is happening for sure. I think you’ll really like Clearwater Lake. It’s similar to Wappapello. The campground at Bluff View was especially beautiful. Big and open by the beach with a huge parking area. Plenty of room for bike riding. Really pretty there. It was our first time to Bluff View. I could have a cabin there, haha. It’s on Clearwater, just a bit north of where we bowl.

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