While driving around the campground by Bluff View Marina on Saturday, we topped a hill and I saw the most glorious things on the ground!


I’d never heard of persimmons until I moved to southern Missouri. They are a fruit that’s small and sweet. It takes about a million of them to make a pie, but my goodness, so delicious.

I only gathered a few, maybe enough pudding or muffins, but seeing them was such a joy. I actually considered getting some for the wild deer that come to our pond. A sweet treat! Seeing them reminded me of why I love the Ozarks SO much.

Who’s grateful for persimmons?


Thanks for reading!


persimmons on the ground, under those trees
persimmon tree
I wasn’t the only one excited to see the fruit!
such a pretty orange color



8 thoughts on “Persimmons

    • Oh, wow! I’ve never seen them in stores. You’re welcome. It seemed like a good idea for a post. I was so excited to see them. I’m giving the ones I got to the deer, but I’m keeping some seeds to see if I can get them to grow in a container. Maybe it’ll grow huge and I can transplant it. Ha ha.

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        • We used to have a tree at our other house. Just one and not much fruit, but we still had some. It’d be fun just to have one again. Oh, I see. I was reading about them last night. About the varieties and nutrients. Apparently they are high in vitamin A. I had no idea. Love that stores occasionally have them.

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    • Good morning! You’re welcome. I was thinking about what a wonderful provider nature is. There was a set of long steps there. Up those were hickory nuts and acorns. So say, birds, deer, squirrels, etc could eat some nuts for lunch then have persimmon fruit for dessert. Yum!

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