Big Spring on a Monday


  • living near Ozark National Scenic Riverways
  • errands that put us near beautiful places
  • noticing different angles
  • natural springs

Yesterday we had an errand that landed us by a natural spring and hiking trail! How cool is that???

I’ve written about Big Spring before, so this time I thought I’d share photos of different view points. The spring itself gets tons of attention, and rightly so. It pumps out over 276+ million gallons of water a day!

Whoa! I can’t even get my mind around how much water that is!

Hope you have a great day!


stone wall on the path to Big Spring
bench with a view of Big Spring
small cave and rocks above the spring
mossy rocks and the spring



16 thoughts on “Big Spring on a Monday

    • Hi. You will definitely love Big Spring. They are actually working on the old CCC buildings and are going to reopen them. There used to be a dining hall and cabins could be rented a long time ago. They’re fixing them up! There is a campground, but I’m not sure what the hookups are. The spring is about 3 miles from Van Buren. Down by the river, under the bridge, there’s a big campground. It was pretty full this week even. Pretty good for November.

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