Slough Trail


  • afternoon hikes
  • natural areas
  • reflections
  • noticing details
  • Burr Oak acorns
  • fall days

Monday when we were at Big Spring, we hiked the Slough Trail. It parallels the park area near the spring and ends at the road coming into the park.

trail sign at Big Spring near Van Buren, Missouri
Slough Trail
steps to somewhere on Slough Trail- we didn’t try them
reflections on Slough Trail
looking up on Slough Trail

When we reached the road, we crossed over towards the campground area that brought us to swings, a pavilion, stone steps, and a river view.

stone steps and pavilion
river view
love this sign
Burr Oak acorns

When we walked back to our truck, I saw this reflection on my truck window. Is that beautiful or what?

reflection on my truck window at Big Spring

We had a wonderful time. So glad we got to go.

Thanks for being here.




8 thoughts on “Slough Trail

    • Thank you, I love to watch for reflections on windows. I’ve seen a lot of really pretty ones. Sunsets make good ones, too. We were getting back in the truck and I glanced at the back window- such a treat. I haven’t been ready for it, but it looks like winter is waltzing in… most leaves are falling now. Hope you have a great evening!

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  1. I did not ever see a Burr Oak acorn. They look like they have hair from the sixties! It matches the car on the sign though. :) The stone steps have so much character. The wood steps look a bit treacherous. Looks like a wonderful hike! Thanks for your post!

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    • Ha- hair from the sixties made me smile. I also think they resemble little pixie or fairy heads with hats. Yeah, we skipped those wood steps, especially because I couldn’t figure out where they went. They went up the rocky, leafy part, but were scattered. It was pretty steep… I thought that car sign was fun. Nostalgic. Thank you, we’re enjoying our sightseeing/ hiking time. Supposed to get cold next week though, we may stay in some and play Rummikub!

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