Some Favorite Photos


  • forgetting our bag
  • visiting with new friends
  • favorite photos I’ve taken recently
  • naps
  • warm days

My son has a club on Wednesdays and I’m supposed to remember to take our bag with us. It contains the papers and pencils he needs and the notebook and pens I need to take notes to track the week’s story.

Yesterday, I forgot the bag.

So, instead of my normal note taking, I sat with the other moms. My goodness, it was divine! We talked, got to know each other better, swapped stories, and laughed. Maybe I’ll forget the bag more often!

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos I’ve taken over the past couple weeks.

a nest at Alley Spring
a bench up close at Big Spring
a log across Slough Trail
double the scenery at Big Spring
some green at Big Spring
a mossy rock hillside on Black River Trail
a stunning tree at Clearwater Lake Beach
a heart with little tiny angel wings at Bluff View Beach

Today is our last warm day for awhile. We may stick around home and hang around outside or go to the river. Yesterday I took a nap! How glorious. I may even do that again, ha ha.

Thank you for being here! Hope you have a great Thursday.


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10 thoughts on “Some Favorite Photos

    • Hi!!! Thank you SO much! The best is my most favorite. I’ve been saving it. They had some hay bales set up with scarecrows and pumpkins and that nest was sitting there, too. I LOVE acorns, too. Always have some in my pockets.

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  1. Jessica, you are a great photographer! You have an artful eye. I really like the nest photo and the one of the bench – a very unique perspective! I’ve taken a number of reflection photos on our travel trailer window. It’s amazing how pretty the reflections can be! Glad you sat with the other mothers. Laughing is so good for us! Have a great day!


    • Wow! Thank you very much. I love nature photography. I love looking at things in ways someone else may miss. Oh how nice that you take reflection pictures from your camper windows. Especially since you camp in such wonderful places! Thank you, it was so nice to just sit and visit. It was like 2 hours! Such a joy. Laughing is great. Hope you have a good day.

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