Around Home


  • a day of staying put
  • sunshine
  • hanging around at home
  • zinnias with and without color
  • bright berries
  • blue skies
  • driveway loops
  • swing set

Yesterday we stayed put. Four days a week at least, we are somewhere else besides home, so staying at home was a treat.

After walking twenty two driveway laps, I ventured around the yard in search of something to photograph. The zinnias we planted for my momma and a tree with bright orange berries seemed like a good place to be.

Even the swing set seemed to sing, with its dark green slide and seats. Most of our yard has taken on a tan-brown view because of endless droughts this year.

Other shots are somewhat random, but I like how they turned out. It’s funny what can make a great photograph sometimes.

red zinnia we planted for my momma
still beautiful while going to seed
close up of a garden stone
swings with a pop of green
bright orange berries
Squealer on the slide
sparkly rocks in the flower bed
EMPTY on purpose bird feeder
because we have cats who like birds

Today we are off again on grand adventures that include decorating a float for an upcoming Christmas parade. With cooler temperatures, I will be including long johns and a coat, ha ha.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday. Thanks for being here.



13 thoughts on “Around Home

  1. Zinnas are one of my favorites. This last year we had a whole row planted just outside the patio windows where I sit and read. The seeds were given to me from my daughter in North Carolina who had kept them from your flowers the year before. That made them very special.

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    • Hi. Sorry it’s late, we were out most of the day and evening. A nice day at home sounded pleasant- especially the gentle rain part. Glad the winds skipped you. Thank you, I’m very happy you enjoyed my photos. That makes me smile.

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    • Hi! Thanks so much. Those zinnias were such a welcome sight this spring and summer. Love that some are still blooming in November. Nothing beats home, but exploring is fun and heals the heart, too. Hope you have a nice weekend as well.

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